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The memory of Leanna hurt him more than all the burns put together, and Ney would have been ripped off his life long ago, if not for his duty, his Cause.
He believed in him blindly, as the savages believed in their idols – he had no other way out.
Without Cause, his life was not worth Lienna’s charred nail, and he sat for hours, days, months, biting into molecular and cosmic programming, and at the same time all the related sciences, the need for which grew as he delved into knowledge.
The shadow of Lianna hovered around all the time, and Ney felt himself against her background as a mediocre amoeba – but he did not give up and gnawed at the granite of science with one goal: to understand, restore and finish Lianna’s calculations – in order to find her TAM.
Find, revive her – and return to this world.
Lianna’s boxes were with him.
Fire-resistant, indestructible, they did not suffer then, and Ney almost read and understood them.
Ney could begin experiments for a long time, and more than once the terrible trepidation of the discoverer, who came close to the forbidden limits, cooled his heart; but Ney had no margin for error. Amateur squirt webcam.

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