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Her pretty face was pale, her hair was loose on her shoulders.
Ignacia pulled the cover from an unknown object, and I almost cried out in amazement.
It was a wooden figure of Christ lying on his back.
It was made in full size and painted with great art.
But something else struck me – Christ was depicted naked with a phallus sticking upwards.
I immediately understood the meaning of the upcoming ceremony, and I felt sorry for the poor girl who would lose her virginity in such a barbaric way.
But what could I do? This is truly – with your charter in a strange monastery do not go.
Two nuns took the girl by the shoulders and whispered something to her and led her to a wooden cross.
Now the girl was standing over Christ, legs apart.
Ignacia made a hand sign and the two assistants took the girl by the arms and shoulders.
In obedience to their efforts, the girl began to slowly squat, bringing her unsophisticated flesh closer to the glistening, apparently wax-coated, head of a wooden phallus.
With bated breath, I watched this scene, feeling cold sweat running down my back. Young naked teenagers show her on webcam.

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