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Let us pretend that he did not insult me ​​with his mean offer.
I’ll cry again.
Maybe he was joking so badly? A good-looking guy, – the thoughts in my head flew by with great speed.
I stooped to the garage.
– Change your mind? – Anton said cheerfully.
“No, I thought, maybe we can agree,” I said hopefully in my voice.
– Yes, we have already agreed.
So you suck it off? Or not? “Here is the bastard,” I thought. “How are wears such earth?” He imagines himself.
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Suck off? Am I a whore? Now I will throw myself and I will humor this idiot orally.
My eyes automatically stopped at his fly.
Anton intercepted him.
– What am I doing? – flashed through my head and I quickly looked away to the side.
Quickly out of the garage and looked at the sky.
The heavenly body was at its zenith and scorched mercilessly.
At least one cloud.
There is no one.
I stood in indecision.
“Okay, I’ll make the guy nice, but only because I need it.”
And so, he would meet me at the club, and would not look in his direction, I thought.
“I agree,” I said

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quietly, going into the garage, and blushed.
The guy was digging in the trunk of the car being repaired.
– What do you agree? – Anton asked mockingly.
– Well, for what you asked.
– And what did I ask? – Well, what would I do to you.
– What is it? – Well, blowjob.
– I was already burning like a ripe tomato – Did I ask you? “Well, yes,” I was completely confused.
– Exactly! – Anton theatrically knocked himself spelled – I wanted you to suck.
So do you agree? – Yes.
– What “yes? – I agree you suck.
– So go suck.

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I came close.
– Come on, – said the guy.
– What come on? – Well, let’s suck.
I reached into his pants.
A member from the touch of his hand immediately came to life.
I squeezed him in the palm of my hand, and he began to grow.
I launched the other hand and squeezed the testicles.
The penis has become quite big and thick.
– Take off your pants, I do not need to masturbate.
“Suck already,” said Anton impatiently.
– Right here? – I asked, trying to pull the time.
“Yes, right here,” he said evilly.
– It’s not too late to stop this circus, – I thought – No, I can not and I will not do that.
I am a decent woman.
He probably thinks that I can do it so easily.
He is greatly mistaken.
I am not like this.
Let him suck himself.
And I went.
Meanwhile, Anton with a force pressed down on my shoulders, suppressing my slight resistance, and forced me to squat, lowered my pants and stuck my already rising member into my lips.
– Come on baby swallow it.
– the guy drove his penis on my face, neck and lips, – Rather, put it in your mouth.
I obeyed.
At first, she licked her tongue, the guy had a sour taste, then she kissed her, leaving a trace of shine on the burgundy head.
She kissed her belly, leaving red lip prints.
Anton, burning with impatience, pressed me on the back of the head and leaned his pelvis forward.
The member penetrated deep and rested in the throat.
I choked and coughed.
– Come on by yourself, – the young man said sorry, – Just do not lick.
I began to sit down with my mouth on the reproductive organ of my lover, trying to swallow deeper, but without irritating my throat.
– There is nothing terrible that I suck him now, – I thought, – The guy is not bad and if we met him somewhere at the dance, the same thing could happen.
And I would certainly have liked it.
– No, let’s take off your blouse, – Anton stopped me – So it will be more pleasant.
– He has become impudent to the edge, – I thought – Although the sweat blouse was all wet, sticky and it would soon smell bad.
It will be even better.
– Maybe I first have a shower? Will I wash? – I asked hopefully, – Ah, then it’s clean.
– We have no soul.
What is not, is not.
We have no running water either.
We bring bottled water, – answered Anton.
– It is a pity, maybe you pour it to me? And I will wash, – I begged.
“Go ahead and do not be distracted,” snapped Anton. Xnxx live sex video.

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