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“Honestly, I would not advise,” the senior serviceman said apprehensively.
– It is not known how he will react to all this.
“And we will deliver it before the fact,” the wife grinned.
“We’ll give him a cot, and I’ll lie with you in our bed, so to speak, according to the laws of Chukchi hospitality.”
All those present laughed, and I suddenly felt like a seed erupted from my member pours my pants.
She led me to a huge bed that occupied most of the bedroom.
The bed was covered with a soft fluffy bedspread with a long nap.
On top of it lay countless various shapes and sizes of velvet pillows and two huge pillows made

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of fine brown tanned fur.
The hostess got out of the closet large female pantaloons of surprisingly soft and delicate fabric, and began to wear them on me.
When she pulled the trousers on my legs, I noticed that they were not simple.
Inside at the level of the penis a soft pad in the form of a pocket was sewn.
The hostess bared the head of my dick and gently shoved the whole dick into the pocket of the pantalo in such a way that it turned out to be sandwiched between two pads.
Gentle cloth gently hugged the head and penis, bringing me into a little excitement.
Just below the pads in pantaloons, a thin pink ribbon was sticking out.
The hostess pulled for her.
The fabric at the bottom of the pantalo began to collect into an accordion, forming something in the form of a bag.
I did not have time to recover, as my eggs were in a soft captivity.

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Pulling on my drawers to the end, my tormentor was pleased.
“Get on the bed and lie down on one of the big pillows,” said the hostess, and she went to the door and called someone.
A young girl of pleasant appearance entered the room.
She was dressed, as well as the hostess in a thick, long and soft apricot-colored robe.
She had soft white socks on her feet.
“This my assistant, calling her today, will be Lily,” the hostess introduced the incoming girl, “and we hope she will have fun with your help.”
Lily put the second fur cushion a little lower than the first one, and the hostess ordered me to lie face down on them, so that my head is located on the first one, and the second should accommodate my thighs and my eggs and cock in soft captivity.
I lay down, as I pointed out.
Gentle fur hugged my face.
From the pillow came a slight smell of urine.
I took a deep breath and felt that I was dizzy from the smell.
Member began to pour blood and grow.
In pantaloons, but rather in the pocket where the member was, it became cramped and hot.
Soft fabric tightly hugged the head, reinforcing a pleasant feeling.
Lily, who had already climbed onto the bed, put her hands on my butt, wrapped up in thick soft pantaloons, and began to press and release him.
My hips were then buried in a fur cushion, then they went up again.
The member in pantaloons began to move and rub on soft pads.
My head went round, my breathing became deep and not even.
Lily, having thrown one leg over me, sat on my ass and began to bounce on it, as if she was sitting on a member.
The pressure on my cock, sandwiched between the pillows, increased.
Fluffy pillows and delicate fabric pantalon pleasantly tickled the entire body and genitals.
I was on top of bliss.
After a two minute race, I felt that my rider was squatting.
Then the hostess rushed to the rescue.
Climbing onto the bed, she threw off her robe.
She was still the same pantaloons, like me.
Taking them off, she lifted my head up and put her pantaloons on her.
The pillow pantalon turned out to be opposite my nose and mouth.
The strong smell of female genitalia hit me in the nose. Webcam seks.

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