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My father did not notice any changes in me, and there was no time for him.
I ordered a dressing gown and several sets of linen, I really wanted to try it.
I began to walk almost constantly in women’s underwear, it is so soft and beautiful, I bought myself a pair of dressing gowns, I didn’t strain my father, but I liked it.
I didn’t go for more, in school I was an ordinary guy, and at home I became a girl.
When I was once again surfing the Internet, I noticed that I already like boys, and I only look at girls as if they were like me.
There was only one man I would like, this is my father.
I ordered not a bad wardrobe, skirts, tits, a pair of dresses that barely covered my ass, several pairs of shoes and boots on a big heel, cosmetics, and I donated a lot of money for two almost natural breasts 2 sizes. Solo masturbation cam.

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