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Slutroulette scam. And I will go to fill up the enema,” ordered my grandmother.
“Leave me alone, I don’t need an enema!”, Began to object to her cousin and escape from our hands, but we held her tightly, not allowing it to be done.
Then Vasya took the girl by the bosoms, and I by the legs.
Together we brought Christine to the bed, laid her on her left side, bent her legs at the knees and pressed them to her stomach.
The girl cried, cursed and demanded to release her immediately, but we just grinned and continued to hold her on the bed.
“Christine, stop your show off!”, I said, “an enema will still be done for you, better lie still and do not resist, it will be more pleasant.”

Her cousin did not answer anything, only sobbed softly into the pillow.
Then the grandmother came back into the room, who was going to the kitchen to fill in an enema.
She carried in her hands a large, brown pear, about half a liter in volume.
“Here, literally the other day I bought it at the pharmacy,” she said, “we have big pears that are rare, they are not so often caught in front of customers.

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I bought medicine for pressure, well, and it took at the same time, as if I knew that it would be useful soon. ”
When Christina heard this, she began to twitch again nervously, Vasya and I could only with great difficulty hold her back.
“Well, Kristinochka, you silly mine, are you still afraid of an enema?”, Grandmother laughed.
She squeezed between me and Vasya, who each had their own side: he was in the sinuses and I was holding the girl, she bent over her granddaughter, opened her buttocks with her left hand, and with the right hand she inserted the enema in plenty of Vaseline.
The unhappy girl loudly exclaimed: “Oh, it hurts me!”.
“Nothing, be patient, granddaughter, it happens with severe constipation,” replied the grandmother.
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