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I did not know what to do.
Where do people run in such a situation? On an unfamiliar planet, among hostile people squinting ?.
And I was waiting.
After all, the “hostess” is free not to notify the equipment that the overnight stay is not at home.
“Dan’s eyes clouded – he mentally transported in those days, reliving everything anew.
Dan sat hunched over on a chair and silently looked at her through the eyes of a beaten dog.
He thought that he was guilty of something, did not please him, but he could not understand it and was tormented by a sense of guilt.
Beatrice stared at him silently, leaning against the wall, and she seemed to be tormented too.
Then, turning, she went into the

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bedroom, quietly asking: “Teh-e-n.
Will you give me a massage? “From that day on, she often began to spend the night at home.
She didn’t explain it – it probably didn’t matter ?.
Ryzhik was waiting for her every evening, not knowing whether she would come today or not.
He only hoped and regularly cooked dinner for Beatrice.
He loved her truly – sincerely and selflessly, plunging into this new feeling, living it.

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But not everything was cloudless.
Dan sensed some kind of inexplicable anxiety and depression growing inside him, and it tormented him.
But there was no one to go to.
Redhead was waiting for Beatrice and was happy when she came, with an appetite, she ate the cooked dishes and smiled at him with a grateful smile.
This was followed by a night of love, and then Dan forgot everything and everyone and was infinitely happy, bathed in happiness, breathed them.
Then he covered her flexible thin body with grateful kisses and she fell asleep in his arms.
What is, it turns out, immeasurable happiness – to love the “owner”.
To want to be near and be happy all the time, protecting her sleep, and protecting Beatrice’s dream – not because the program prescribes it, but because you, CAM, want it, you want to lie quietly, trustingly hugging her, breathing in the delicate scent of her hair, listening to in her sleepy breath and something to smile in the dark.
But the next day, Beatrice left again, and Dan was waiting for her again, and anxiety and aching pain rolled in again.
But this is nothing, “the life support system does not threaten anything.”
One day she returned not alone.
A stranger came with her.
The man.
They were both drunk and without noticing the cyborg headed for the bedroom.
Dan is numb.
He did not know what was happening to him, but it was reminiscent of the moments when he had to overcome his master’s will, to fight the order to kill Stanislav Fedotovich.
All the muscles just as tense and seemed to be torn in different directions and the heart was beating somewhere in the throat, quickly and somehow loudly. Sexy teen webcam.

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