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It is clear that with money.
This was mentioned by the fact of buying up a three-compartment only for itself, as well as a well-groomed expensive look.
In principle, such people should not drive in simple “fast” trains.
At least, in ordinary coupe exactly unlikely.
For them, at least, a “sleeping car” should be ordered.
“There you can meet a lot of acquaintances, and I am so tired of them,” as if Sergey Anatolyevich read his thoughts, “society, you know, is a bit annoying.
Sasha’s surprise grew.
He could not have imagined that a person could read his thoughts.
“You just, Alexander, have all the questions written on your face,” Shevchenko laughed, opening the “diplomat,” “since you’ve violated my loneliness, let’s talk,” and got a flask of brandy with a foreign language label, “Good brandy, I recommend.”
Then miniature cups appeared on the table.
– I don’t drink at all.
– Do not deceive me, and not yourself.
Moreover, a few drops of good brandy never hurt.
I say this to you, like an old Jew, and Sergey Anatolyevich filled the glasses with a brown, pleasantly smelling liquid.
– Sorry, but you are not like.
– Alex continued to be surprised.
– On a Jew? Sexy teen webcam dance.

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