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But on the bathroom, hitherto unknown to him.
It was all that is needed.
Dental supplies, perfume, and shaving accessories.
The latter indicated that this room was for a man.
– It looks like a hotel room – Alex flashed through my head and he instinctively, more out of curiosity, reached into a cabinet, the doors of which invitingly zololis on the wall of the room.
Then he found a dozen panties and swimming trunks sealed in factory bags, several brand new terry towels and a pair of voluminous men’s robes.
Lingerie in appearance fit his size.
Alex thoughtfully scratched his unshaven physiognomy and decided that it was good for him to clean up – to wash himself, although for a start.
Yes, shave.
For a few seconds he was freed from the clothes and climbed into the bathroom.
That she is the purest, he, why did not doubt.
The task was different – how to determine where the cold, where the hot, and where just the water in this source.
For on this unit in the form of an oval there were several cranes at once, and the same number of buttons. Sexy asian on cam.

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