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We must meet.
Yes, it certainly would not dream.
– So you actually take me to work.
Sergey Anatolyevich chuckled: – Imagine, take! And for a good job.
Suddenly he became serious and said harshly: – For the future, for your glorious future, Alexander, keep in mind – I never throw words to the wind! Remember this for your own good.
– OK I understood.
Just keep in mind, my relatives know where I went.
Shevchenko’s features softened again: – Yes, of course.
You can call them for a decent and financial job.
– And the nature of my future activities? – I told you yesterday – PR! They embarked on a small station in the suburbs of the capital.
They really waited for Sergey Anatolyevich – a bespectacled Mercedes with darkened windows.
There they were met by two hefty gentlemen, who greeted Shevchenko very politely.
Strong fellows also politely greeted Alexander.
Although Sergei Anatolyevich did not consider it necessary to submit it.
They got into the car and rushed into the unknown distance.
Unknown, however, for Alex, who was completely ignorant of Moscow roads. Sex video russkie online.

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