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He remembered how he bit a Twisted-flame nipple, He remembered how cute his knees rustled sweetly in his ears, A bright light in her eyes, The severity of her thighs on her shoulders.
Not love, but punishment! He did his best to break his chaff.
So nature wanted.
Why? Not our business, That the maiden gives the honor, And the man ends the tupit, Sharing suffering with her.
Further faint.
Their bodies are entwined in a ring.
Prince woke up under the crown! Seeing – his whole family Gathered at the altar, Tsar Sultan, with his eyes painted makes.
He speaks.
“Well, dear friend, He is now my husband.” Prince Guidon walks sadly with his swan.
(Understands the young man — he played, finally!) He barely drags his feet With horror he waits for the wedding night.
Everyone is singing and

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dancing around! (Only quietly, near the bucket, Two sisters are sitting, Two are snuffling for one!) In a word, a wedding, that’s a wedding!
And he often exclaimed, Forgetting to wear panties, “Ah, yes Pushkin! Son of a bitch !!! ”The audience read the tale, Having fun, laughing.
Well, if not, so not.
I, forgive, not a poet! Sometimes I want to do something about the machine and, having finished, knock off.
“Aye yes Fechin! Your mother !!! ”Many will deceive me, Many will ask sternly.
“It’s stupid there, why am I kidding?” Want!
the dog in the hay gnawed a knuckle, it ate the meat, but even the bug, the dog would not let it go to the cherished bone – because it loves it, the dog, and you.

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do not mga!
You are far away, but you are also nearby, huddling gently, do not let you fall asleep, drilling from the screen with your eyes and pulling, and pressing, and waiting.
And I – like a choke half asleep, scored on everything and sluggish lying.
Tell me, is it really that convenient? – Oh, to hell with everything! And I enter! And passion will fill the whole neighborhood and the limit of love will ring !! And again, again, everything is in a circle – love, caressing, the limit !! And I repeat to the rest of myself for the umpteenth time, but everything is not enough for me, just sweet, and again, again, once or twice or twice !!! I love, break, nezhus, I repent, to you, I give all of myself !.
I forget myself in the half-dream, and I love it again till the morning.
Five evenings a week Mommy is mine! I can’t tell you, How happy I am! Barely come home from work, For her thighs -hvat! To hell with all worries, Let the bed creak! Razden my mom, And I put on a condom.
Fuck her obstinately And passionately day after day.
O God, how sinful And how lovely is passion! My filial love With lust merged !.
Waking up early from utrechka I decided to masturbate Yevgeny, And I smiled from a morel I decided to drink this product Then he went to wash And masturbate once more, Eugene, not to crap fuck him On the break, he – in the bucket, Bolt, damn, you have to drive And, taking with him the photo of Masha, He finished the bitch on the floor, fucking.
In the evening he came home, Rather, it is necessary to jerk off, Point hurts – even as a wolf howl How could he have forgotten Vaseline Jerking off he was sitting, standing, lying Jerking Eugene 3 hours His end has fallen ill, That he screamed: – “Your mother”, And now his pizdea bolt is the moral of the story, What if you don’t jerk a lot At least four times a day You can live for a long time “cockroach” To live without a bolt his lot Do not be such a cormorant! Sex video games online.

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