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I just spend the tongue on it.
first right, then left.
I stroke your palms on my thighs, especially from the inside, then on to the whole knees, and then turn to the foot.
I first take it in the pen and iron it.
And then kiss the fingers all together and individually.
Now I’m excited enough to go to your dick.
He stands like a gun.
I take it in hand.
I like to feel his power.
Through him your desire is transmitted to me. At first, I run my hand up and down over it.
Then I kiss him, Starting from the base of such a series of tender-tender kisses.
Then I spend on such a place tongue such a strip.
I imagine that this is a magic flute.
I touch it with my fingers.
I can extract vibrations from it.
He: I caress your nipples in a circular motion and they swell.
in the meantime, my dick turns into something solid.
and my testicles touch your

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and my testicles begin to caress your toes.
and the tongue finds a swollen clitoris.
She: I feel that my pussy has become wet.
I’m moving to the head.
It is like a watchtower, often described in Chinese poetry.
I spend on her tongue.
He: I start very gently licking your clitoris and touching your fingers on my legs with a swollen member.

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She: Yes, I feel it.
your testicles gather in an elastic bag and relax again.
I madly want you now.
just you
I have a little dizziness.
i am relaxed
He: I do tongue circular motions.
touching him very gently with my finger I spread your already quite swollen lips.
I feel like you’re excited.
u want me
but it’s too early to let my cock into your wet cave.
She: they beckon you into the distance.
deep into.
You can plunge there with your head.
there is dangerous you can choke.
just do not stop.
I am afraid that I will lose consciousness.
I have not experienced such strong excitement.
I help myself with my hand.
yes now I clearly see your tongue.
He: I then suck your clit, which has already turned blue from blood flow.
your cave finally opened before me.
and I begin to move my finger back and forth.
pretty fast.
you start moaning.
my testicles tightened.
and the member has increased.
he rubs your fingers.
and feels like they shudder.
She: show me your strength.
let me be in your arms for one day.
Do not torment me more.
He: I begin to caress your clitoris even faster.
slightly pressing down on him.
and with my right hand I press lightly on the lower abdomen.
from this you bend and begin to moan.
She: I want you to take me.
took the whole thing.
He: I am approaching you.
I go to the top.
I feel that you will finish now.
I touch my penis to your labia.
She: I want us to finish at the same time.
hurry up.
He: and with my tongue, sticky from your mucus, I touch your lips.
She: you risk not having time.
I can not restrain the convulsive movements of the vagina.
He: I slowly insert the head of my penis into your cave a little bit and move it around the entrance. Sex online video indian.

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