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To the very foundation, Andrei introduced his inflexible solid member into Nikita’s point, pressing his crotch into Groin in Nikitin – leaning his stomach on Nikitin on the scrotum with embossed large, thin skin covered with eggs! Nikita, who did not expect such a relentless pressure, involuntarily rounded his eyes, opened his mouth in a moment with a twisted mouth, at the same time trying to wriggle out of Andrei, but it was too late – the long and thick member Andrew was put into Nikita’s elastically rounded point completely, right up to the scrotum.
pull out! Get out, fucking.
get the dick out of me
painfully! It hurts, fuck.
hurts, Andryukha! – Nikita groaned intermittently, trying to push Andrew from himself.
– Pull out.
pull out dick, Andryukha! “” Quiet, Nikita, quiet.
“- throwing Nikita’s face in a hot whisper – shuddering with pleasure, Andrei brought his lips to Nikita’s lips, passionately absorbed them into his eagerly opened mouth.
giving Nikita the opportunity to get used to the sensation of the penis in the anus – without making any movements of the penis in the tightly stretched hole of the butt, Andrei passionately sucked Nikita on the lips for a while.
then, looking up from Nikitin’s lips – looking at Nikita’s face with eyes high from the high, Andrei slowly and rhythmically moved his backwards, gradually increasing the pace: feeling the unbearable sweetness in the crotch, in the sphincter muscles, in the member itself, Andrew slid the member up and down – backwards forward.

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and Nikita, drunkenly resigned to pain, which began to seem to him not so stupid – intolerably – tearing apart, as in the first moments, closed his eyes, repeating, as if in delirium, one single word: “Andryukha.
“And Andrew, meanwhile, was in seventh heaven.
oh, what a delightful, unparalleled thrill it was – to fuck at the tightly squeezing point of a pretty sixteen-year-old eleventh grader! It was antique – classical, incomparable – enjoyment.
the pleasure, since olden days known for all people on all continents – familiar to representatives of the most different classes.
pleasure, sung and slandered, forbidden to slaves and recommended – in ancient times – to free youth.
the pleasure is undeniable, intoxicating, and Andrew, choking on the feeling of absolute pleasure, tirelessly slid with a groaning member in the depths of the Nikitin body, now and then bending over Nikita – kissing Nikita voluptuously on the lips.
the orgasm was like an explosion: shuddering from the fire that had flashed between the legs – convulsively squeezing the muscles of his own sphincter, Andrei was discharged into Nikita with a powerful ejection of sperm, and this sweetness, strong, almost painful, responded with an instant hardship in eggs lightened from semen; breathing heavily – without taking a member out

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of Nikita, Andrei thrust his chest against Nikita’s chest, pressed his lips to Nikitin’s neck, closed his eyes.
you fucked me.
Yes? Fucked me.
scribe! – Nikita began to move, trying to push Andrew from himself.
– Come on, fucking.
i love you too
in the ass, Andryukha. Sex cameras com.

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