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He flinched and turned to her.
– Yeah !! got scared.
– Pancake.
Well, you’re kidding.
Come on, wash your face and go to the forest for berries.
Only persuasion.
you do not force me there, grinning said Anna.
– Ok, Andrei smiled and went to the house.
Having done their work, Andrei and Anna had lunch and began to gather in the forest.
In the forest, nothing reprehensible has happened, except for the fact that Andrey from time to time touched Anna for the ass.
Returning to the evening from the forest, with a basket of berries, they undressed and went to the shower, which was in the house, as there was no time to sink the bath.
In their souls, they simply washed each other “personal belongings” and rinsed, and Andrei again spoke about yesterday.
– Andrew, calm down.
– Well, at least suck it !!

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“Wow, how did you speak?”
– He pulled out of the panties member, and offered her.
– Andreyka, I have never seen your member in a state of rest, Anna joked with a grin.
– Okay, so be it, you will have a blowjob! – What? – Suck, if so clearer.
She sucked again, and took in the ass, Andrew persuaded.
The next day they began to gather in the city.
Collecting things, Andrew still tried to somehow persuade Anna, but for the time being she refused him, explaining that she and he need to rest.
After collecting all the things and checking everything, they went to the bus station, neighbors from other houses were walking next to them, and Andrei kept himself in hand, although he wanted to grab Anna by the ass.
Arriving in the city, dismantling things, they went to the bathroom, both showered, then ate and went into the room, watching TV, went to bed together, what happened in bed, probably not hard to guess.

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And since then, Anna and Andrew have been living, and began to have regular sex.
Andrei got a job, and began to financially help Anna.
And Anna, while not speaking of this to her son, thought about what can give birth to a child from Andrew ?.
During the year that we lived together a lot has changed.
Our sexual relations became day by day more and more passionate and diverse.
I can not say that I was fed up with our sexual relations, but I wanted something else.
What exactly, I did not know.
The case helped me to understand what I wanted.
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