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Then she slid down and put a mouth on it.
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These lips and mouth, an hour ago, expressing her opinion about the poetry of the Silver Age, were now strained on my obscenely bloated cock.
This, comrades, is called cognitive dissonance, or the gap pattern.
This clever, sociable and stylish girl could not now suck my dick, and yet she did it.
I could not explain it, and this secret was pulling me to her even more, including physically.
I wanted this girl like no other.
And I got it! However, at this rate, I ventured to pour into her mouth, which would be premature.
Therefore, with some regret, I tore her off from my member, drew her to me and kissed her.
This swollen mouth, which smelled no longer lipstick, but a male member, sperm, lubricant and a bit later, caused a new wave of excitement in me.
I opened Marinochka, put it on my knees again, pulled another condom, and with pleasure entered it again.
Now the bad sperm was no longer torn from my eggs, and Marinka was able to shout enough, while I more thoroughly put it on my dick.
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