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The vagina, in which my dick was now moving, also left a wish.
I had never made love with such old women before, so I was struck (unpleasantly, of course) by absolutely everything.
First of all, she had an incredibly wide hole, it seemed that if you shoved a bottle there in the bottom, Nina wouldn’t even frown.
Secondly, the hair, partially gray, grew everywhere – not only on the pubic hair, but also around the very gap, and even on the hips.
My Vika had only a little coachman with a small pubic beard, and below everything was clean, smooth and incredibly delicious.
Well, and thirdly, the outer lips were also some surprisingly large, and the obsessive word “lip-blind” came into my head, and I could not get rid of it.
I prayed to God that she did not make me kiss her on those very lips, as Kostyan did.
It is clear that my previous partner had all this not better, but I caught myself thinking that I had never looked at her farm, acting on the touch, otherwise I would probably have been sick.
My position allowed me, as usual, to watch the others.
Why Lyudmila Yuryevna again chose one, I did not know, but now her lover was Seryoga, so that this cup had not passed him, and there was nothing for me to threaten.
He lay on the bench, and the economist galloped on him, and with every contact of their bodies, a wave ran through her huge buttocks and on her fat back.
What Seryoga felt when watching the dance of her breasts point-blank, I could not even imagine.
Marina stood wriggling and moaning, Igor was licking her nipples, and Kostyan (they were again in a pair) was picking his fingers between her widely spaced legs.
Suddenly, removing both, she said: – Well, Sokolov, now fuck me in the ass.
– Uh, do you mean anal sex? “Of course,” as usual, she said defiantly.

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– And I.
did not try.
– Well, it means you try.
And you are in front.
Well, what are you staring at? – I have one.
not worth it.
– Then jerking, and quickly.
– Or maybe you addition.
mouth? – Here’s another! Come on, come on, work on it! Poor Kostyan became doomed to jerk off his not very big cock.
Why she, like last time, did not do it herself – I do not know.
Apparently, I wanted to see how men do it.
At first she watched, not without pleasure, but soon she got tired of it.
– Get down, – she commanded Igor, then introduced his penis into herself and, looking back over her shoulder, ordered: – You jerk with one hand, you insert the finger of the other into my ass.
Let’s go! And you – move yourself, – she said to Igor.
However, I did not hear the last words, but conjecture, because she said them directly to his face and in a whisper.
Nina distracted me from seeing these interesting events (and I almost forgot about her).
– Change! Only you, – pointed at Pasha, – lie down on the sofa.
She got up near the couch, sat down on Pasha, facing out and began to rise and fall.
Obeying her instructions, I had to caress her breasts with my hands and tongue.
And try to do it if the bust with the owner jerks up and down! But I soon adapted.
Hands, squeezing her breasts in all directions, I just moved in sync with her, and put his tongue in the way of the nipple, and he touched the tongue on the way in that, and in the other direction.
Soon I adapted and, taking advantage of the fact that everything that happened did not excite me at all (although it did not cause disgust), I began to listen to what was happening.
I could not look closely, as I stood strictly back to the process.
And by the sounds it became clear to me very much.
That Lyudmila lay on her side, and Seryoga was tearing her from behind, and that

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she would soon be finished.
That Igor and Kostyan quite successfully stared an Englishwoman in two bows in the same position.
I remembered that Serega before that changed her friends like gloves and, apparently, was sexually strong.
Then it became clear that he wanted to bring the economy girl to orgasm as quickly as possible so that this nightmare would stop as soon as possible.
Fortunately for me, Nina also decided to change the way.
I, on her orders, lay down on the sofa, she was facing me at the feet, I helped her, holding her by the sides, and Pasha had to squeeze and lick her breasts.
I praised myself for self-control: a minute after the start of her movements, I didn’t care at all who sat down on my penis, and again I had an excellent opportunity to watch the others. Online sex indian video.

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