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Sergey asked in the mouth or ass? The answer was in

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the ass! Judging by the squishing sound next to it, it happened and she received a good charge of sperm! I continued, but I could not finish, I had to think of something, I decided to move from ass to pussy and with a sharp blow drove my boyfriend into the vagina Irina, she gasped and started to orgasm, her uterus contracted and the muscles wrapped my cock so that it hurt a little .
And suddenly, this never happened to me, I began to cum involuntarily, I finished a long and long time and felt how her uterus opened up, twenty seconds passed and a seed flowed out of me, the apogee of intercourse with a new female came! And Sergey and Natasha were watching this alongside, and Sergey’s member was standing upright and without hesitation, when I came out of Irina, he immediately entered into her orgasm, not understanding anything, and the intercourse continued.
I showed Natasha with my eyes on my dick, she understood everything and took it in her mouth and I began to watch the partners mate, and it was extraordinary, they seemed to forget about everything and copulate with some kind of frenzy, Natasha reached her, my friend became quite hard and putting it with crustaceans, I coped with her ass, I must say very narrow and undeveloped! Sergey’s sperm smeared her well and the member walked very comfortably sliding along the walls of the anus.
In the meantime, Irina again fell into an orgasmic coma, the screams of ebi me, more deeply planted, were heard quieter and quieter – she was shaken and Sergey tried to take out her dick to the end in earnest and pierced her again, I could see how her labia wasted and swollen enter and exit under the influence of this mating, Sergey groaned and finished in it, it became also interesting for me to finish it in Irina, and not in Natasha! Therefore, pulling out my member from Natasha with a jerk, I again got involved with Irina, literally flowed out of her and I did not have to wait long for the finish line I finished with pleasure and quickly.

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After drinking champagne and arranging a meeting, we called a taxi and the girls went home.
It remained to wait for friends.
Wives arrived an hour later, happy, satisfied – we demanded a story!
The story aroused us in earnest, having arrived at the villa with three guys, our girls raped them a couple of times and Inna was fucked by all three and only two Olga, and she did not quite agree with this, painting about their orgasms they went to sleep together.
Sergey and I still had something to drink and we stayed in the courtyard, having drunk having chatted, we wanted each other, and I also felt his boyfriend in me, mutual blowjob, I lay down on a chaise longue spreading his girlfriend legs into him gently and not aggressively began to copulate with me, entering deeper and deeper, my bridle rubbed on his stomach giving me no small pleasure, my ass opened completely and I felt how pleasant this intercourse was for him, but it lasted for quite a long time, I managed to finish and he did not I could, I decided to help him, I took him in my mouth and lat corporate blowjob, then he pushed me roughly and put the cancer began to mate tough, really tough, and again taking vsazhivaya me your number, getting to the stomach and cry to release their stream is very deep! (to be continued)
The beginning of my sex education was funny when, after watching fashionable capitalist catalogs advertising lingerie and often getting naked boobs, I climbed into the attic and selflessly jerking off and I came to jerking a long time after rubbing my pisyun I felt such a wonderful feeling that I began to periodically jerk a about how to masturbate, I even had no idea just rubbing it and shaking it from side to side with great speed and at the same time I got an indescribable feeling that was growing like a lump and I didn’t og understand that it for the feelings and once (the first time I had finished) I almost obpisalsya so long rubbed. Online sex chat no sign up.

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