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After some discussion, we decided to call.
Tanka dialed the number and turned

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on the speakerphone.
– Hello.
– answered hoarse low female voice.
– I’m listening.
– Hello! This is Tanya and Sergey, we placed an ad on the Internet, and we were told – we left this phone number.
I got it right? “Well, if these are two bitches looking for owners, that’s right,” the woman calmly replied.
– But not Tanya and Sergey, but we will have Pussy and Ass, okay? Tanku my already pounded from excitement.
She quickly got up from the couch on which we were sitting and gave me an ass to lick.
I understood her without words and plunged my tongue into her asshole, squeezed my hands and pulled tits down, and she began to nadrachivat his clitoris.
From such a turnover at my dick got up.
– Yes Milady.
– Tankin’s voice trembled – understandable.
We pussy and ass.
We are ready to serve you.
– and play with hand in pussy.
– Good.
Then immediately to the point.
What are your taboos? – Taboo only scat and blood, everything else is possible.
– memorized answered Tanka.
We have agreed on this with her in advance.
– I only hear Pussy, and where is Ass now? – asked the voice.

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– Ass licks my ass, Madam.
– Pun.
– mumbled mistress.
– Let him give a voice.
– Strike! – snapped Tanka and brought me the phone closer.
I, without taking my tongue out of my favorite asshole, screamed.
“Do you hear, Madam?” – asked my faithful ingratiatingly.
– Yes.
– the pipe was silent for some time, and our Lady asked: – Are you free tonight and night? – Yes Milady.
In general, Tanka agreed that tonight we would come to our new Lords’ home (we were given an address) and stay with them all night.
Our new owners were 43 and 48 years old, living not far from us, in the center, but we decided to take a taxi.
My wife was running like a bitch, she was excited to the limit, and it did not make sense to dissuade her, and I myself also wanted to go.
We had about three hours of training camps, and we spent them in bustle and bustle.
Supervised the collection Tanka, I just did what she told me.
We shaved each other where necessary, then Tanka smeared assholes for us and put big silicone plugs in there, explaining that we should be ready for any penetrations, and said that we will wear them until we leave, so that our asses will stretch out .
In addition, I inserted another cork in my pussy for stretching (although my hand was placed in her pussy), and at the same time I was so excited that I licked my pussy for 20 minutes until she had finished 2 times.
I, too, was excited to the limit, and Tanka helped me: she made her trademark, as she calls, suction with a mouthful.
That is a deep blow job.
At the same time I moved the cork in my ass, which helped me to finish faster and brighter. Omegle sex cam chat.

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