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Anna’s pen slid lower.
Slightly opening the “shell”, the fingers dipped in a viscous honey sweetness.
With a voluptuous smile, Duval caught the handle and began to suck on her fingers.
Then, having kissed the swollen mouth, he collapsed on his knees, bent over, buried Anna between his legs, began to caress his tender spot with his lips and tongue.
At the same time he was holding a twitching ass in his hands.
His bold fingers were pushing the chubby peach halves apart and massaging a small asterisk between them.
Anna groaned, barely holding herself on her legs, her knees were shaking.
Serge issued the rumbling sounds of a hungry beast, seizing upon the desired prey.
Its devoid of gun place, expiring “nectar”, its softness and malleability reminded Anna’s mouth quivering in a kiss.
Duval was dizzy and he, as if distraught, literally dug his lips into the swollen “pearl”, mercilessly began to penetrate the tongue inside the hot space.
Suddenly Anna screamed, convulsed, and, releasing a sweet fountain of honey “nectar”, collapsed on his hands.
Serge carefully laid her on the bed.
“Honey,” he whispered, pouring blue light into his eyes, “you are beautiful!” “I have a feeling that I love not just a woman, but a siren or a mermaid,” he confessed with a gentle smile.
And he added, kissing lips: – You drive me crazy.
Anna did not say anything, just responded to his kiss, entwining her tongue with the language of her husband.
Her hands wrapped around his neck, her tangled nipples pressed against his chest, and there, at the very bottom, she joyfully felt his rising flesh. Nude beach live cam.

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