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What are you sticking around all the time, huh ?! Nothing more to do, huh ?! Yes, that’s it.
Go to the seventh ward, there it is necessary for the patient to change the drip.
Come on.
And do not linger there.
Horrified .
I left the chamber Vadik.
The commanding nurse, though withdrawing, looked over me over her shoulder.
I had no choice but to go to ward number seven, which was just opposite the Vadikina.
To be sure, I did not close the door behind me.
It seemed to me that if Vadik at least looked at me, then it would be easier for me to change the drip.
Having passed the wheel on the dropper hose, I performed the necessary manipulations with a bag of fluid, opened the wheel again, adjusted the flow and leaned over the patient to fix something, like a real nurse.

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At that moment, I felt a gentle touch between the legs.
A hand, squeezing between my legs, stroked me on the inner surface of the thigh.
I was unexpectedly pleased.
I froze for a moment and looked at Vadik’s room.
He was obviously looking at me too! Did he see someone’s hand in my private place? Surely saw.
I already wanted to turn and pull away from this audacious touch, as the finger of my “offender” touched the pussy.
I was seized with just a chill of some kind.
I was terribly pleased, the waves of pleasure poured over the body, paralyzed me.
And Vadik watched, watched again, watched how I stood, you can say with cancer, and a completely unfamiliar person strokes my pussy, whom I do not even see.
And do not even know his age, and how he looks.
In the ringing silence, I heard the faint creak of the bed behind my back and the second hand joined the first.

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My pussy was flowing, it was already becoming unbearable.
The fingers of one hand stroked my clitoris, and with the fingers of the second hand, my “offender” tried to grope the entrance to the vagina.
Stop! Virginity had to be saved.
I stuck my hand between my legs, slightly moved away the fingers trying to penetrate my girl, moistened the brown hole of the anus, put my finger in there shallowly, then took his hand again and gave his fingers the right direction.
The man understood everything and his gentle fingers, scooping up more lubricant, slightly expanding the entrance to the ass, started the anal attack.
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