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Sergey offered him to join because one breast is free.
I felt the two men tongue my chest caressing, as Sergey ran his hand between his legs and my hands reached out for their mounds.
I don’t remember how long it lasted, but we were sewn into one ball of happy bodies.
After that, a lot of time passed.
This episode was repeatedly recalled as one of the strong sexual pleasures.
If anyone has experienced this, we can exchange experiences.
For this holiday preparing for a long time.
The idea of ??SO to meet the New Year was in the air for several months, but no one dared to voice.
The fact is that quite a long time ago the New Year became our family holiday, and for as long as I can remember, we always met him only together.
And now the doorbell rings.
The boys are not late.
I open the door – both with flowers.
Stas is a tall blond with a sporty figure and Kolyan is of medium height, dark-haired, but with transparent blue eyes.
Then Vika appears – she is in a black dress up to her knees, all in sparkles and naturally she is irresistible, because she spent half the day at the mirrors: in the bathroom, in the bedroom, in the hairdresser, in the beauty salon.

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and wherever there are mirrors.
She takes bouquets, kisses guys on the cheeks and covenant to the kitchen.
The table is ready.
We sit down, accompany the old year, tell each other the latest news.
We met Kolyan and Stas this summer on the sea.
We rested in the same boarding house and somehow became close.
Interests were common and we went to sunbathe together, to discos, went on a tour in general, had fun.
It never reached sex, although as soon as the guys got to the subtleties of our relationship, they began to attempt to seduce Vika.
But somehow did not grow together.
And they were content with other girls who were shot in batches at local discos.
And it is not strange, but after the rest the connection was not broken and we occasionally called up, met, booze.
and each of them, when drunk, confessed to Vika in love.
And if Stas more often simply said, how well she treats her and that I don’t appreciate her “asshole”, then Kolyana was wedged, and besides the simple “Vic you are cool” he got me – so I persuaded her to sleep with him 🙂 And so under the brandy and snack, the arrow reached 12.
A man in a suit appeared on the TV, who congratulated us on the New Year, the chimes struck twelve times, the champagne opened with splashes, we screamed, drank, blew up an arsenal of pyrotechnics, went mad, returned home.
We were already quite relaxed and cheerful.
Felt it and Vika and whispering in her ear “Time”, she disappeared into the room.
While we were deciding

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who to be the country’s champion, Vika called us.
Everywhere candles were set up, which created a pleasant twilight and played slow music. Lovleycouplexxx s bio and free webcam.

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