Living sex toy delivery episode 3.

Living sex toy delivery episode 3.
They had two children: Ivan the boy of about fifteen and his sister Lyudmila, a year younger than Ivan.
Ivan was all in his father, he had a well-built muscular figure, and the guy himself was outwardly handsome: he had a beautiful face, greenish eyes, thick eyebrows, brown hair.
All the young women of the village have long wanted to fuck with Ivan or his father.
But not only did Ivan differ from his peers, he had a non-youthful member in his pants, which every adult man would envy, he seemed to hang like a big sausage when he was in an unexcited state, but as Ivan remembered how his father and mother were doing at night, then he immediately began an erection and the dick got up to 28 centimeters.
Ivan was at first shy of his huge body, passing through the village many grandmas made fun of him seeing how the guy had a hefty mound in his pants, but then Ivan got used to it and did not show it.
Two years ago, swimming in a pond with other boys naked, he noticed a big difference between the legs of other guys. Living sex toy delivery episode 3.

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