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My hysterical state did not pass, but suddenly I caught myself thinking that my cock was worth it.
“It is worth on his own daughter, I got the same with my onanism.
“I thought.
The sound of water is silent.
Julia slowly looked around and went into the kitchen, silently sat at the table.
– Pa, have you come for a long time? – For a long time – I tried to answer smoothly, so as not to break into a scream and not give her a beating, I think that a quiet conversation will give the best result.
She poured herself coffee and began to drink.
I was somehow uncomfortable.
She just smeared her hand with a simple shit on her chest, and now calmly poured coffee with these hands, made herself a sandwich with calbosa, and looked askance at me sideways.
Probably she thought how much I was aware of her fun, because I didn’t know whether I saw her for this case or not, especially since my face was probably tense and betrayed my concern with her actions.
She was the first to break the silence.
– Maybe you buter do with feces barefoot, and then probably hungry from work.
Why so early.
– Let go of everyone.
The wires broke and all the electricity flowed to the floor.
She laughed, feeling safe, and I didn’t know how to talk to her.
But the situation was discharged and became more calm.
Maybe he was trying to understand why she had become so, or maybe just tried to think that it was my dream.
But I still spoke.
– How long have you been having so much fun? She was frightened, flushed.
She tried to say something, but stopped. Live sex phone number.

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