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They drank a little, almost did not eat anything, mostly communicated.
Lina was among them the embodiment of modesty, it pleasantly amused them, gave them a special piquancy.
About love Lina dreamed only to the funeral of her mother.
Blaming herself for her death, she forbade herself to think about both love and marriage, and after she was forcibly issued for Oleg, and he created violence over her, there was a lull in her soul.
She hated all men, and could not help herself to get rid of this feeling of hatred.
What she went for was allowing Oleg to sometimes use herself as a woman, which he did without love and without passion, just like washing dishes, or repairing an electric razor.
She got used to him, easily endured his male claims, and would be extremely surprised if he suddenly kissed her.

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That was Oleg.
But even more, she would have been surprised if, after her kiss, she felt an explosion of fire burning her insides.
But Oleg didn’t kiss her, she didn’t feel any fire, and when experienced Larisa, having opened her lips with two fingers and turning them into a tube, clung to them with her mouth and injected there instantly spread poison over her body, and then began to suck it out remnants of shame, strength, and all resistance, Lina lost consciousness from pleasure.
She came to herself from Klava’s long hair, tickling the space from the navel to the pubis, and again fell into oblivion.
Women were delighted with her.
They crawled back and forth, enjoying her caresses, and reveling in her orgiastic sighs, groans and cries.
I’m shameless? – Lina finally came to her senses.

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Do not be silly.
You made the menu in the morning, made a layout.
Tell me, what kind of cereals most visitors to our dining room? – Larisa asked, zastegivaya on Lina bra.
Yes, everyone loves.
And rice, and buckwheat, and barley, and millet.
Who what.
I know what cereals are in your warehouse, you can not continue to list.
You tell me something else: what do you love, personally you? I love pasta.
Dad cooked them deliciously, in a naval manner.
But why this conversation? And besides.
Won’t you condemn those who love buckwheat instead of pasta? Yes, let them love what they want.
So we love who we want.
And, pay attention, forcibly in our company do not pull anyone.
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