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And without meeting resistance from my wife.
At that moment the melody ended, I pretended that I had just stopped by and did not see anything when they were sitting in the chair. Vadim winked at me, he saw me and made it clear.
We still drank, and now I dragged my favorite dance.
I hugged her around the waist, pulled her close and led melodies to the beat.
Slowly changing the position of the hands, I also slipped under the robe, not meeting resistance and felt how hot and wet it was there.
Vadim’s hand did its job and flashed lightning in my head and my cock began to stiffen.
Since we were pressed to each other, the beloved felt it and clung to me even more strongly.
– Is everything okay love? – I asked.
– No, I want sex, a lot of sex, and right now !!! – whispered in my ear wife.
“And also, I want Vadim to do this first, and you looked at me from the side and decided that you wanted to or not,” the beloved one blurted out loudly that Vadim would hear.
“Yes, dear, I want this, I want you to become not only my bitch, but also a slut for Vadim,” I whispered to her in response.
“Well then, look,” she sang.
Looking up from me, he approached Vadim.
Vadim looked at me, I nodded slightly, and he slowly began to unbutton his jeans.
Lenka watched Vadim’s movements with a smile, in which a lot of emotions were mixed.
Judging by the sticking out swimming trunks, a member of Vadim was in a “combat” state.
I heard my heart beating.
Another second, and Vadim’s trunks went down through the hairy legs, to his jeans, which were already lowered to the ankles.
Favorite looked at the quivering member and slightly licked parched lips.
Then Lena looked into my eyes and her eyes made it clear that there was no way back, she wanted him, and she really wanted to.

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Vadim’s member was of medium size, but the volumes were much thicker than mine, and I wondered if he would fit his beloved in her mouth.
But my doubts vanished immediately as a favorite, having held a tongue from the eggs to the tip, opened her mouth and took the penis almost to the ground.
I felt the earth slipping from under my feet.
Vadim put his hands on Lena’s head and began to direct, the beloved immediately settled down under the tempo and began to suck, making loud sounds.
I sat on the chair unbuttoned his pants, and took out a member began to slowly massage him.
Beloved let go of her hands untied the belt of her robe and threw it off her shoulders.
Then with one pen she began to squeeze tight nipples, and the other rub the clitoris.
And she did it as it seemed to me very harshly, although before that she hadn’t been behind her even with strong arousal.
Vadim was already ready to finish, and I saw it said: – Finish this whore in her mouth and face.
And he began to finish, Lena stuck out her tongue for how much she could catch the drops of sperm that filled her face.
There was a lot of sperm she dribbled on her chest and flowed even lower down the tummy.
Lena fingers collected it and smacked sucking, the remaining sperm she smeared on the body.
I felt that I would not last long, I took off my trousers with my underpants with one movement and motioned my favorite to me: – go bitch here, I will complete the picture with my oil.
Beloved on her knees crawled up to me and without unnecessary gestures with her mouth planted on my dick.
She sucked stunningly, helped the tongue and sometimes took out of her mouth to jerk her hand.
I showed Vadim with a glance on the opposite side of the bitch, Vadim was already ready and his member easily fell into the wet abyss of my wife.
She moaned, leaned in to meet a member penetrating her so much that she released my cock from her mouth.
I grabbed her hair pulled back, seeing Vadim moved closer and began to grind my thick dick in my wife’s pussy.
Lena to the beat of his movements swallowed my dick.
I was ready to explode, and with all my strength I tried to delay this moment a little more.
But I could not delay the explosion, I began to cum in the throat of my beloved.
There was a lot of sperm, she could not swallow everything

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, and she ran down her chin to the floor.
Taking out a member from the mouth, his wife began to moan out loud, and to give her ass more and more to meet the movements of Vadim. Live indian sex chat free.

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