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I’ve never finished like this.
Just spark from the eyes.
I had no idea what is possible at all.
Finite ready, just need to move away a bit or else

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your legs do not hold.
And I’m sorry that vomited.
– Nothing happens to be unusual.
Well, let’s go to the shower.
– And Olga took the girl with her.
I went to the kitchen and poured myself a full glass of whiskey.
I myself honestly shivering from the experience.
I sat down on a chair and lit a cigarette. I began to savor the cognac and retreat, scrolling through what was recently in the bedroom.
My wife glanced into the kitchen, and said that she had cleaned the bedroom and she and Alesya would take a shower, but in about 20 minutes they would be ready again.
I just finished my brandy as the girls entered the kitchen.
His wife’s robe was thrown over Ales, his hair was still wet but gathered in a bun on the back of his head and intercepted by a rubber band.
Wife put on my shirt.
Some kind of impish and unfamiliar devils jumped in her eyes.
She was all aglow with anticipation.
Without any hesitation, I poured brandy on the girls and added some more whiskey to myself.
– Well, how are you? – I asked Alesya.
– I came to myself.
I never thought that the lack of air and pre-unconsciousness, plus the pain can provoke such an orgasm, even to the point of fainting.
– Shared the impression Alesya, gulp drinking brandy.
Which I immediately poured again.
– Well, what is ready? – Olga asked sarcastically.
– Wait for 20 minutes in yourself come a little.
– Well, then you sit, and I’ll go and cook something.
I’ll call you.
Olga flew away.
I continued the conversation with Alesya.
She was still somewhat half-shocked by what had happened.
Yes, and I honestly too.
I wonder what else my beloved inventor has come up with.

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We practiced BDSM for a long time and there were a lot of toys in principle.
But everything was easy, and never with other couples and partners.
And here in front of me sat a girl who agrees to something more than ordinary peripihon.
And ready to go on.
So what, and in Olga’s fantasy, I had no doubt.
She disappeared for about 15 minutes.
– Well, are you ready? – Olga fluttered into the kitchen.
We got up, but she stopped us with a gesture.
– One moment.
Ales rules remember? If you agree to the stage it is impossible to refuse, I will say right away it will be a little and maybe a lot of pain.
But the marks on the body will not worry.
– Yes, I agree, let’s go.
– Confidently said the girl.
– Just a minute.
– Olga got the blindfold hidden behind her back.
– So it is necessary.
It will be more interesting.
– And put on the eyes of Ales.
– Come on.
The main thing you do not twitch everything will be fine.
She took Alesya by the hand and pulled her along, winking at me slyly.
1I have been playing these games with my wife for a long time.
I have known her for nearly five years, of which we have been married for almost a year.
And always her most excited spanking before having sex.
And today is a special day.
From the club of sadomasochists, where we have been with her for a long time (in fact, we met there) my order finally arrived: a mobile device weighing a few centners, which I immediately dubbed with a rack for the first impression.
In fact, it is a completely innocuous-looking device, resembling an ironing board, fixed with levers at any angle and upholstered in soft fabric.
In its upper part was a steel collar, snapping on the key.
Across the board is another, smaller, at its endings were the same, only smaller, and they were closed without a key.
The metal on their inner surfaces was lined with soft rubber.
Small clips for hands could move back and forth and be fixed in any position, which promised great prospects for the future.
There were fixed leg clamps on the bottom.
The guys from the club helped me to set up the rack in our bedroom, wished us a pleasant evening and left.
I am left alone.
Larissa has not come yet.
Apparently, she was going to be at fault today to give me a reason to punish her.
She did not know what surprise awaits her at home, because I made the order secretly from her.
Taking this opportunity, I checked all the clamps on my own hands and feet and made sure that they work fine.
In order to give our room a romantic-masochistic look, I turned off the overhead light, turned on the orange lampshade and adjusted the brightness so that the twilight would envelop the rack. Live couple sex video.

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