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She almost did not hurt, she gently kissed Ney, blew his nose, and Ney gradually accelerated pushes.
He held Leianna by the hips gently, but firmly, helping her find the rhythm, and whispered to her: Come help.
look how pleasant you are.
how good are you
like this, well done.
Good? – she nodded to him, and Ney increased the pressure.
His cock was torn by sweetness.
Unable to hold back any longer, he pressed into Lianna until it stops – and began to drive into her sparkling lightning, one by one, firmly squeezing her buttocks.
Leanna squeezed in the grip of a man, and Ney shuddered in the agony of fertilization.
So that’s how it happens.
– Said Leanna, still impaled on his cock, not wanting to give up.
Ney, puffing away after a mad orgasm, looked at her, trying to realize that she was with him again.
– Then, on Druere, I really wanted this, even though I was ashamed, very ashamed.
I didn’t know how to tell you, I put on the brightest, most shameless outfits for which all the governess would kill me. Lesbian cam models.

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