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The assistant was a woman of 30-35 years old and everyone was afraid of her.
She was not angry, but she always had a large syringe in her pocket and always passing by indulging in children, she reached for her and asked: “What did you want, what do you want?” and everyone quickly fell silent.
The boys used to take the teacher herself to honey.
an office for an enema as a punishment or sent a boy alone to the paramedic demanding from him a receipt from the nurses, saying that he was exactly there and everything was done.
I had another case in boarding class 4.

Hours at 11 am I was woken by a teacher who came along with a paramedic, (we’ll hang up at 22.
00 was and I already slept).
The teacher said to get up and go with the paramedic.
I began to wear pants, but the teacher said the pants do not have to wear, everyone is asleep.
The paramedic took me by the arm and, like a little one, led me in her underpants to her office.
When they came in she said: “Well, Vladik, does your stomach hurt? Anna Ivanovna told me that you had problems today.

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Take off your panties and lie down on the couch, make an enema for you to sleep well and do not run to the toilet! “My stomach didn’t hurt, just in the morning at this teacher I asked 2 times to go to the toilet for two lessons, but then I ate salted fish and I did not go to the toilet, but just drink water under the faucet.
I began to explain it.
The paramedic did not want to listen and was already holding the syringe at the ready.
I was blushing, I asked for something, my legs were weak.
I was already excited.
The paramedic pulled my pants down to my knees and said: “Take them off at all from the legs and lie down!” I quickly took off and lay my booty up pussy pressed to the couch.
“Do not lie down like that, butt your legs and bend your knees on the barrel, for the first time, perhaps?” She asked.
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