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My wife put on my lips her bright red lipstick and, critically examining, said: – Fuck you! Typical slave huesos! – Kiss me on the cheek and squeezed my dick hand, – Well, everything? Let’s go – Let’s go! – I replied, shaking her tits, and rang the doorbell.
The lady opened to us, as Tanka said, about 40 years old, dressed in a dressing gown and big shaggy sneakers.
Tall, almost as tall as I am, a little bit thick, with a wide ass.
Tits she had, though rather big, but much smaller Tanyukhin 5th size.
Her face is stern and beautiful, her hair is black and tied up.
Without a word, she missed us in the spacious hallway.
– Hello!
– I squeezed out of myself.
– Mmy Sergay and Tatiana.
– Who !? – the Hostess asked again and suddenly slapped me a strong slap in the face.
Tanya saw it first: she thumped on her knees, pulled her leash down, and started chattering: “Forgive him, Madam!” We are your slaves.
I – Cunt, he – Ass.
Ready to serve you.
– and handed the lady our leashes.
– Now it is clear.
– quietly said Mrs., but did not take the leashes.
– So.
Fuck me.
– and went deep into the apartment.
I tried to get up, but my wife pulled me down on the leash again and twisted her finger at my temple.

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We went for our Mistress on all fours.
She led us into a large room and pointed to a free corner of the furniture, ordered: – Get there and undress.
We quickly got rid of the clothes, and remained in the military harness: both in stockings and with tails, which surprised us a little and, I think, pleased our hostess.
She examined us.
She was often breathing with excitement, streams of lubricant were running down her legs, her nipples were tense.
I had a dick like a parade.
In this form, no one has ever seen us before; we were accessible and ready to humiliate ourselves before this woman.
Besides the fact that I was in stockings on my belt and my tail was sticking out of my ass, my lips were also brightly painted.
The hostess apparently was pleased with the inspection.
– Good whores.
And the dick’s rather big at the fag, and the fucking udder is big.
I’m busy now.
So become a cancer in this corner and wait.
Do not jerk off, do not fuck.
Soon the Master will come, and we will deal with you.
We became a cancer, otklyachiv asses, and the Hostess went into another room.
– Well

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, how are you? – Tanya asked in a whisper.
– Awesome! – I whispered.
– And how are you? – Fuck you! Already imagine how I will lick this shit! – Do not fuck there !! – came the voice of the Mistress.
– I’ll hear another sound – get both fucked!
Once the wife started a conversation about his girlfriend, with whom she works together.
I saw her: gorgeous blonde with a good chest and figure.
So, it turns out she moved to us from another city, because there one of her friends found out about her secret and loosed everything up. Hidden camera woman masturbation.

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