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That night we did not go to bed.
He fucked me until I just turned off from pleasure and exhaustion.
Thanks to all.
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– Well done! But this is the lyrics, and now seriously – began Lena – Slavery is voluntary.
Each of you must agree to become my slave.
The slave has no documents, no property, no name, no opinion.
A slave is always at my feet and fulfills my whims.
Slave does not know the word no.
Slave can give, lose, sell.
There will be no turning back.
One word is required – yes! – Yes – shouted Ira and finished.
While Lena was talking, Ira quietly moaned from her words and ideas that awaited her, and in the end she experienced an orgasm without even touching herself.
– Yes, yes, yes – Ira was lying at the feet of Lena and kissing her shoes – Madam, please make me your slave! Lena snapped her fingers, and Ira instantly returned to the original one.
– Coffee! Ira on all fours seeded into the kitchen.
She returned with a cup of coffee in her hands, knelt next to Lena, holding the coffee on her outstretched arms and looking at the floor.
– Table! Ira stands on all fours, next to the chair in which Lena sits, and on her back is a cup of coffee.
I still kneel and keep quiet.
– I’m waiting! These words applied to me.
And then my mind began to slowly turn on, I remembered Olesya.
“No,” came my answer.
“Seryozha,” began Ira, but Lena’s slap stopped her.
– The words did not give bitches! Lena came up to me, pressed the carotid artery and chopped off.

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I woke up tied to the bed, sat next to Ira.
“I begged the lady to persuade you.”
For this tomorrow I will be severely punished.
I love you.
I want us to get married and become a family of slaves.
I will not tell you anything more, 4 hours of uninterrupted sex awaits us, before the arrival of the lady and your answer.
Ira took my dick in her mouth, then turned into position 69, then we fucked.
I lost my account and her orgasms.
My mind was dulled again by sex.
Perhaps Ira chose the only sure way to persuade me: a member of the brain is silent.
Looks like she succeeded.
When the key was heard in the door, I finished Ira in the mouth.
The whole orgasm is a few drops of semen.
Ira very well cleaned my balls.
Ira immediately got out of bed and took the starting position.
There is emptiness in the head, fog in the eyes.
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And through this fog, I saw Lena fall and Olesya entered the room.
She goes into the room, Ira rushes to meet her, but gets kicked.
– My dear, good, that they did to you! Olesya unties me from the bed, we quickly get ready and leave.
Lena and Ira are unconscious lying on the floor.
A new round of my life – Olesya! We rented another apartment, the household duties were performed together.
I walked around the apartment naked, and Olesya was dressed.
I slept naked, and Olesya was in pajamas and with my eggs in her palm.
When we were walking, and there was an opportunity to undress me, Olesya always drove me for the pussy.
I graduated from the Institute of Ira, I never saw Lena there, so my studies have not changed.
I wanted to quit my job, but Olesya suggested that I stay there.
I walked in front of the nurses naked, jerked off in front of them and gave myself to jerk off.
They stopped beating the balls and writing in my mouth.
Sometimes one of them fucked me in the ass with a strap-on, but mostly Olesya fucked her.
I really loved sex with her.
I sucked her

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, she sucked me, I fucked her, she fucked me.
One evening, Olesya and I played our game: we jerked off our pussies, so that our heads would rub against each other, who would end up faster – get all the sperm. Hairy male models nude.

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