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Guys, I have another idea how to have fun with her.
Well, get up in the knee-log posture.
I got up, took off my robe and threw it over to my husband.
Well, what are you looking for, they will not fuck me here.
Laughing, I said, taking the right position.
Lech came up behind me and began to stroke my pussy, then he spat right on the brown ring and got into it with his fingers.
I screamed in surprise.
Well, is there a husband fucking you or not? (We once tried anal sex with my husband, it was a long time ago, and he didn’t work out very well, so I didn’t practice anymore) I immediately began to protest, asking me to fuck there.
But he did not listen to me and began to insert me.
The member entered hard, with creak.
Tears rolled out in front of my eyes, I moaned in pain and asked me to stop.
Lech did not listen to me and began to swing in different directions, stretching my hole.
From the pain, I grabbed my hands at the Palace and begged them: (Smear, lubricate there, than be, please, it hurts me !!!).
Okay, you need to lubricate.
Fin said.
And then he will die.
I groaned.
He looked around the table, took a jar of sour cream and handed it to Leh.
Lech drew a decent amount of sour cream with two fingers, pulled out a member and began to lubricate my hole.
From cold sour cream a pleasant shiver ran through my body, and the member entered easier and started tearing at me.
I looked with grateful eyes at Fin standing next to me.
She stretched her hand to his beautiful penis, squeezed him and pulled into her mouth.
I began to eagerly lick his red head, hold her tongue over the entire length, swallow it whole and tried to look him straight in the eye.
My ass is already accustomed to a member, I began podmahivat and moan.
Then Rog came up and slapped me on the cheek with his dick.
I immediately understood everything, took it in my hand and began to jerk it off.

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I sucked them one by one, then at the same time I tried to shove them in my mouth.
From all this, I got wet and felt sweat trickling down between my buttocks and again experienced an orgasm.
Okay, whoever is next on her asshole, I want her to work with her mouth – said Lech.
He exchanged with Fin while he was attached to my asshole, Lech thrust the dick under my nose, the dick was soiled with my calamus, I grimaced and turned my head away.
But he grabbed my hair and started driving my lips with his dick.
I moaned and turned my head, but then Fin stuck a member in my ass.
Oh, my God, I experienced such a buzz that now, finally, this beautiful member in me.
I opened my mouth and.
She took this dirty dick, started chillingly cleaning it with her tongue, not forgetting to work with her hand on the Horn member.
Well, what do you like to suck our dicks, and fuck? Yes, I like to feel them in my mouth and suck them like the last fuck.
From these words, Fin could not stand it, grabbed and pulled my ass to himself, pulled me straight and went to the table.
I felt like his hot sperm poured through my gut, it was so many that it began to flow from my asshole.
Then Lech began to finish, sperm was a drain that flooded all the breasts and cheeks.
The horn finished right in

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my mouth, I was unable to swallow everything and a part of it dripped from my chin onto my tits.
For this I received a slap in the face.
What you don’t like our sperm bitch? No, I am ready to drink it all the time.
Well, let’s get all the last drop.
I did so, they sat down at the table, began to smoke, discuss me, throw dirty remarks in my direction, jokes.
In the meantime, I squirmed in the palace, smoked my breasts, smearing the sperm, pinched my nipples, furiously twisted my pussy and moaned.
The men poured vodka into glasses, called my husband handed him a glass.
On a drink, you have a good fucking, right? Dda – answered Peter.
The horn took from the table a not finished bottle of cognac, turned to me and said: Olenka open your mouth, we’ll give you a drink.
I obeyed, opened my mouth and he began to pour brandy on me.
Part I swallowed, part flowed on my breasts that I was pulling.
I was burning with the desire that no one else – be stuck a member in the crack.
Fuck your damn, please, I want you – I moaned Olenka wait for now, see, we are talking on this while you drink – Fin gave me a glass of vodka.
I smiled and drank.
After that she fell on the floor and continued to bridge.
Lech took a stick of smoked sausage and threw it to me: On, entertain us Olya.
I grabbed her and stuck her half in her pussy and started furiously fucking myself.
The guys started to promote and discuss my actions. Free sex live jasmin.

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