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Behind there was a married couple, pleasant appearance.
– Sorry, Mayakovsky street on the left? – No, go through the park, and then around the corner to the right.
My voice, obviously, although it was set, still sounded a little rough from the tension for the girl, as the girl looked at me in surprise, and then at her husband.
He smiled and answered: “Thank you very much,” and they continued on their way.
Seeing them with my eyes, I was distracted, and the next touch was no less unexpected.

He looked at me, smiling, Cyril.
– Sorry for being late, – adding – you look stunning, barely found out.
After a pause, I smiled back.
A man took me by the elbow and confidently led me down the sidewalk.
The studs caused some inconvenience, it wasn’t very fast to walk.
After a quarter, we turned into a small alley that ended behind a small corner of a dead end, with two large trash cans and a pile of wooden boxes in the corner.
There were no windows in the surrounding walls of the houses, only two large metal doors on the right in a row, obviously, a cargo entrance to the store.

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Perfect back door.
Judging by the way the man acted, he was not here for the first time.
We approached the boxes, he turned me to face me, and after a pause, gently but at the same time confidently pressed on my shoulders, causing me to squat down.
My face was opposite to his groin and deciding to take the initiative, I unbuttoned my pants and put my hand inside, freeing his fighter.
There was a pause.
What I saw was a little shocking – the member was much larger than in those photos that I received, even in a semi-excited state, its length was about twenty centimeters and about 4-5 in thickness.
In a stupor, I continued to hold the member in the palm of my hand, looking at the large head and vein bumps on the trunk; with my other hand, I involuntarily squeezed the scrotum, with equally impressive eggs.
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