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Right now: “, smiled in anticipation of Karen’s orgasm.
She went to Deele, pulled the gag out of her mouth, and, without turning off the vibrator, crouched over her face.
– Lick, little bitch.
If I like it, you can drink and eat: Karen giggled disgustingly, parted her labia.

Thrusting her tongue as far as possible, Dily set to work.
Spending her tongue over her sister’s clitoris, she heard a moan of bliss escaping her sister’s throat and received a rather strong slap on her delicate buttocks.
– Not so fast! Start with the vagina, you fool! – Karen shouted rudely to her, and Dilya meekly began to shove her tongue into her sister’s oozing white liquid.
Groping for the point she had found the day before yesterday during love games, Dilya began to press her tongue hard.
Karen screamed, and, grabbing her sister’s tongue with two fingers, sent him into her rectum.
Dilya screamed, because she knew that this would end with the fact that Karen, suffering from constipation, would cause her to massage her sphincter.

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Well, and after that, eat her stool.
But it was too late.
Dili’s tongue obeyed her sister’s strong fingers and now, when Dilya was already tired of working with her tongue, the tip of a brown sausage appeared from her sister’s pink anus.
Karen leaned over to her sister and smiled disgustingly: – You can eat, sis, I allow you.
This will be your only meal this week.
And then, in a week, I will allow you to eat your shit too.
And if I see that you eat something else: – No, madam, I will only obey you.
I beg you, develop my holes to incredible size, I beg! I will be an obedient slave, only: – Be silent! First, you will talk to me only after eating.
And secondly, call a spade a spade! Holes belong only to aristocrats.
In such bitches like you, this is called pussy and asshole.
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