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She was caught catching shame, and she didn’t know what to do.
The first decision was to hang oneself, drown, or get poisoned.
Even after that wedding night, the desire to commit suicide was not as strong as it is now.
Then she was drunk, she had a bad headache, and she didn’t feel guilty for herself, there was only shame, drunken peasants arranged everything, even if God punishes them, she showed with her whole face that it was disgusting for them to act, to her and it was really disgusting, and in some way it justified her before God.
Another thing is now! She accidentally got into such a situation, could leave, should have left at once, but voluntarily remained, watched with pleasure, moreover, she herself was a participant in this orgy, got pleasure from it, and both women and the director saw it.

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How after that to appear to them on eyes? How to beg forgiveness from God? All night, Lina did not close her eyes, thought about how she could get out of this situation, and only in the morning she fell asleep with a short, restless sleep.
She, of course, did not go to work, and Klava came to visit her at dinner.
Lina was ashamed to look into her eyes, turned away, did not want to talk, sat downcast, with a flushed face, but Klava immediately calmed her down: Well, you’re a good fellow! Who would have thought that in such a puny little body so much passion! We were all delighted with you.
I did not want to – justified Lina.
– It somehow happened.
Well, fool! We must want, then it will be even better.
What to want? What’s better? – Lina did not understand.
Do you pretend, or, in fact, do not understand?

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What? I do not understand? You end up with men? I have men – one husband, and even then, we have been married for half a year.
Let one, let – half a year, you finish or not? Lina looked at her with blank eyes.
Well, pumpkin garden.
What do you say in capital letters? Orgasm you have, or not? What is an orgasm? The one that was in the closet yesterday that you got all of us.
And the director, by the way, too, although it’s hard to start, oh, how difficult! Almost impossible.
Because as one hundred percent impotent age.
It happens, or not? This does not happen.
And what happens? And no, – said Lina after a long thought.
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