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Sometimes I lost consciousness for a split second, but the new blow of the leather hell on the labia immediately rekindled me, making me feel this inhuman pain with every cell of the body.
I did not scream – the voice was completely disrupted.
For some reason, I also didn’t manage to cry, to escape, to change the position of the body, I wasn’t given his hand, which every time guessed where my body was going, and each time it intercepted it.
How long it lasted, I do not know.
I didn’t even notice when it ended, just at some point I realized that everything is already up, the belt does not soar up to fall on my crotch, the pain turned into a constant, and does not recede only for a fraction of a moment, in order to bit later on my body and brain with a thousandfold increase.
Yes, and I’m not standing with my ass kicked up, but lying on a pillow with my legs tucked under the underbelly and legs wide apart.
And my inquisitor sits across from me in the chair, smokes and, judging by the smile, gets a lot of pleasure from everything that happens.
– And you are hardy.
– he also said smiling.
“I’ve been waiting for you to disconnect to stop.”
And you fell into a trance, only when I was tired of working with a belt.
– Realizing that I did not answer, he spoke again.

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– I had to clean up after you.
I thought to make you lick everything, but then I decided that I would punish you otherwise.
Can you come up I continued to lie silently against the wall, even if I wanted to go, I could not.
Then he got up, and came up to me himself, with a tablet in his hands.
He put it in front of my face, “Look,” he said.
There was a post on the screen, apparently, on some forum.
My photos, a lot of my photos:

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when I was crawling, pulling up my ass, when I was licking my legs and more than a dozen photos, in chronological order, they captured the crotch of my crotch.
On the last of them, she looked more like bloody rags on the purple background of the buttocks.
The man who did this alternately enlarged some photos.
These last he showed everything, following my reaction.
– Do you understand that this is your pussy and this is how it looks now? He asked, opening the last photo.
I didn’t feel pain as such; apparently, the brain ceased to perceive it, but tears rolled down my cheeks from his question.
Suddenly, gently, he touched my face, wiped away tears.
“You shouldn’t cry, you chose it for yourself,” he said.
– Read what is written about you here.
He put a tablet in front of me and enlarged the font.
“Apparently, this is the first time for this whore” – this was the title for the post.
Briefly, but in colors the post described the events of the previous night.
As I went to meet and offered him to suck in the club’s outhouse, and as kneeling in a cramped booth, I let myself be fucked in my mouth.
As he fucked me in a taxi, asking the taxi driver to stop and giving him permission to watch and jerk off.
And in some detail about how he stretched my asshole, “and this huyososka fucking, even screaming, but flowed like a bitch,” was said in the text.
But the main place in this story took a description of the spanking. Cam sex amateur.

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