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Then Dima began to drive her lips on the head of a member.
Irochka opened her mouth and took the head of the penis inside tightly clasping her lips.
Ira did not think about anything, she only wondered how deeply she could take him, and in order to make sure that Dima was pleased.
The young man began to stroke her on the head.
– Umnichka, help tongue.
The girl took a little more in her mouth and began to drive her tongue over the head, and then she realized that she also needed to suck it, as if you were trying to suck up the liquid, only she imagined that hot sperm was about to fill her mouth.
Only Dima did not finish everything, she already went deeper, took it out, and came back again, resting against one cheek, then the other.
The girl was already in the taste, she liked to feel the pulsing member in her mouth, she liked to caress the handle of his testicles when he rested against her cheek.
Dima pulled a member of her gentle mouth.
– Let’s go to the bedroom? – said Dima and took the girl by the hand.
Ira no longer thought about morality, about a friend or her boyfriend, she only focused on her feelings.
– And what are we going to do there? – smiled girl and rose from the chair.

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Dima approached her and pressed.
His cock rested on her tummy and he kissed her on the lips, she answered, and his tongue entered her mouth.
– Do not hate kissing me after a blowjob? The girl asked, after they had finished the kiss.
– No – Dima smiled, and led her by the hand in the bedroom.
He took off his shorts in the kitchen, pulled off his T-shirt, and then pulled off the girl, unbuttoned her bra, exposing her chest.
He fell on the bed and began to kiss her nipples, then went down to the tummy, covering the girl with kisses, reached the pubis and began to wear jeans along with her panties.
Throwing aside jeans with wet panties, he parted her legs and with a hand touched a neatly shaved pubis, and then entered the girl with two fingers.
Dima lay down next to him and began to kiss the girl’s neck, her shoulders, while stimulating her with two fingers.
The girl moaned easily, after a few minutes of such caresses, he turned her on his stomach and entered the girl as deeply as he could.
At this moment, Dima lifted

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her and grabbed his chest with one hand and began to squeeze it, and with his other hand he began to stroke the back.
Roughly and quickly fucking a girl, he did not forget to take a member out of her, but he continued to fuck her with his hand, and then he went into it again.
Irina moaned, arched her back, like a cat under Dima’s blows.
And so, Ira finished, trying in every way to restrain the cry escaping from her.
Her body trembled, and she completely relaxed.
But Dima continued to fuck, and after a few moments he took a member out of her, she turned over, knowing the intentions of the guy. Best online sexting sites.

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