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He slept sweetly on his mother’s hands.
Anna’s fingers touched the stiletto’s grip, which she hid in the folds of her skirt.
“My little one,” she whispered, looking sadly at her son, “we would never give up on him.”
Mom can.
We will die with dignity.
Dad will be proud of us.
Suddenly the door opened and Jimenez entered the cabin.
Anna, straightening to her full height, pressed her son closer to her and looked straight into the hated brown eyes.
He gave her a sticky look and said, grinning brazenly: – Put the sucker on the chest.
We need to talk.
– I am listening to you.
– not letting go of Henri, answered Anna.
– Um, stubborn? I will put you on the spot! Alive! Put it on the chest !.
He stepped threateningly toward her, intending to take away the child.
Anna beat him and put Henri on the chest.
“I am listening to you,” she repeated calmly.
But what she was worth is outward calm !.
“You wanted to know my name,” grinned Jimenez.
– So, I – Carlos Black, the only legitimate captain of “Zeus”.
Your handsome Serzh betrayed me once.
He and his friends threw me into the sea on a fragile boat.
But Providence has abandoned me on this island.
I survived and swore that I would kill him if I’d ever meet.
And – glory to the sea devil! “I met him,” fire flashed in his eyes, and a terrible grimace twisted his face.
“But when I saw you and your bastard, I realized that I could take revenge more pleasantly,” he grinned.
– Your adorable Asya will forever remain on this island, you.
will you come with me.
I give you life.
And the life of this jerk will depend on you. Beach hidden cam sex.

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