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Oh, shit! – without hesitating a single moment, the lieutenant sent the stallion right through the wall of hard bushes, and, having got through this insignificant obstacle, caught a group of four ragged people unawares, shamelessly pawing a tumbling white-skinned woman.
In contrast to the absolute nakedness of the unfortunate brigands, they managed to put on themselves a terribly tasteless variety of dissimilar clothing – a tattered peasant caftan, cuirassier high boots without soles, a faded Catherine’s livery, a gray-green Bavarian bloody uniform.
Our hero managed to mark all this, jumping from the saddle and crushing the two villains closest to him, – Atu-y! The bandits, taken aback by the suddenness of the attack, became confused and gave Rzhevsky time to leap up and expose his saber: “The end to you, bastards!” The first of the bandits remaining in the ranks stupidly nudged the old hussar, stained with a rusty sword, toward the hussar.
The fool never noticed two imperceptibly quick movements of the lieutenant’s blade – after a moment he dropped out of the game with the cut skull: – All right, now honestly! It was not there! The second reptile turned out to be more cunning than a fellow — it covered itself with the naked body of a stranger, who threw it on his left shoulder, freeing his right hand with a heavy cuirassier sword.
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What I do not understand what is on your shoulders? Ass? Before Rzhevsky’s gaze, the ugly fear-twisted pointy face, the pale rounded feminine ass with a frankly crotch, full lips of sponges and a dark hollow of the anus really glimpsed.

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Because of this charming shield, the robber tried to cut the unexpected savior.
Fortunately, this embarrassment did not embarrass the Russian hussar.
Without being taken aback, he took advantage of the opponent’s lunge and grabbed the stranger by the leg, pulled over, severely limiting the opponent in the maneuver.
Oh you bitch! – from despair and despair, the bastard began to kick the lieutenant in the shin, taking advantage of the fact that the nobility and upbringing did not allow the officer to respond with a similar baseness.
It’s a good thing that, randomly brushing off his blade, the villain has not touched either Rzhevsky, or the woman, or himself.
After a minute of desperate struggle, the hussar played the second girl’s leg from the opponent, and the opponents, having forgotten about the weapon, immediately began to pull the limp female body from each other.
The regular army won.
The stranger’s bosom-covered bosom of a stranger darted sharply toward the lieutenant, knocking him down, slamming into his face — leaving, making it difficult to run, the broadsword, the last robber was rapidly leaving, dodging the oncoming trees.
By the time Rzhevsky was able to rise, he was gone.
Madam, are you alright? – With all the courtesy he immediately asked the victim of the attack.
Oh, – barely recovered the nude beauty, – What was it? Deserters, madam, – taking advantage of the moment the hussars brazenly considered the seductive charms of a woman, – Escape from the army of the Corsican.
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blessing that you came to the rescue.
What is your name, hero? – The stranger recovered from the attack surprisingly quickly and, not hesitating to nudity, was already looking at the imposing savior with interest.
Lieutenant of the Mariupol hussar regiment Dmitry Rzhevsky! Rzhevsky ?! – the woman gasped.
Have you heard about me? – our hero was delighted.
No, – disappointed his naked companion, – Simply.
Just your last name.
so horse
Of course, I was compared to a horse, madam, – Rzhevsky was offended, – But not because of the name.
Do not be angry, my hero, – the woman rose to her feet, demonstrating her gorgeous body, – We here in the wilderness have run a little wild without a decent society. Amateur teen nude cam.

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