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) Lucy smiled.
– With pleasure.
The hitch consisted in only one thing – that our members and Sergey pointed out at half past five.
Olga and Lucy put us on the carpet and worked for a long time with their tongues, but nothing helped.
Masha watched us with interest, sitting on Vadik’s penis.
To see better, she leaned forward and slipped a few centimeters from the huge dick, on which she was impaled with her ass.
Masha oyknula and immediately returned back, wrinkling with pain.
And Vadik groaned with pleasure.
– Do you like? – asked Masha.
“Yes,” he replied.
– Let’s try again.
“Come on,” said Vadik enthusiastically.
Masha picked up her legs and slowly raised herself.
It’s amazing how such a huge member fit in her ass, because until our family parties, Sergei had never engaged in anal sex with her. Webcam young orgasm.

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