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I began to move my tongue more actively, she began to fidget at me in time with my rhythm of movements.
After a couple of minutes, she again began to shake in her orgasm, sitting on my face, and at the same time she began to tear up my stomach with her rather long nails.
I tried to yell again, but my mouth was covered with her crotch.
However, she understood my intentions and immediately struck me in the balls with her hand, I jerked like an epileptic.
Soon she got up from me, and immediately put her foot on my face! – Stop twitching, freak, get used to the new order, she said sternly.
– You behaved badly and was punished, but that’s not all, now in honor of our wedding you will give me pleasure all day.
you will lick my ass.
Then you will kiss my feet, you will serve me food and clean the apartment, and I will severely punish you for any mistake! – Her voice was stern and instructive.
Part 2.
Since then, half a year has passed.
I am subjected to cruel punishment for any offense! And on Saturdays I am subject to execution regardless of my behavior.
And today, on Saturday, I will get my portion of the rod, but while I am standing in the corner on the peas and waiting for my wife to return from her lover.
She does not hide the fact that she has a “trakhal” and that she spends time with him when she wants! This is also a part of my punishments, usually she, returning after the love joys, makes me lick her pussy to shine, and then she starts to whip me.
All right, I can hear the front door opening, and I can hear my wife’s confident approaching steps.
She enters the room, she is beautiful.
she is wearing a short, tight-fitting skirt, black high-heeled shoes on her, it is already clear that she is in anticipation of my execution.
– Well, dear, did you wait for your beloved little wife? she said cheerfully.
– Nothing, now we will fix this thing, now you shouted at me properly.

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, saturday is saturday.
– she sang merrily, and untied my neck from the battery.
Then she quickly took off her panties and sat on the sofa, spreading her legs wide, gestured to me at her pussy.
“Carefully lift me up after my hahel,” she strictly ordered.
I quickly crawled up to her and began to diligently lick the crotch, realizing that I would be beaten even more slowly for sluggishness than expected.
Five minutes later she commanded.
– Enough, fit in! – I crawl on my knees to the stool and lay my chest on the seat, my ass slightly raised to the top, and my head hangs over the floor.
A wife with a springy gait comes up to me and takes the first rod from the bucket.
“Today will be a hundred,” she says with a steel voice, “And then with another belt fifty, she announces her sentence.”
“You had comments from me several times during the week and brought you little money, so you’ll have to answer with your ass,” she said in a businesslike tone.
I begin to plead for indulgence, but in return she takes my hair and lifts my head, the next moment she stuffs her pants into my mouth.
! I’ve been used to it for a long time that in this

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way it mutes my mouth so that I’m not yelling loudly.
My mouth is plugged and I hear a characteristic whistle whistle.
It is difficult to describe all my terrible feelings at the time of whipping.
I try to scream, I try to dodge my ass from the blow, but then, she immediately clamps my head between my legs, and I am completely in her power.
After fifty blows, when I completely excised, I beg for mercy with my disjointed mooing with shorts in my mouth, she experiences a powerful orgasm and with a slight moan collapses into a chair opposite, then a smoke break.
She picturesquely sits in front of me in a chair and, with her legs crossed, begins to smoke.
“Cry a little, honey, you feel better,” she says mockingly in her voice.
“Today, I have yet regretted you, but the next fifty will be much more painful!” The smoke break is finished, and she again takes a fresh rod.
This time, she immediately fixes my head, holding it between my legs.
Spanking continues.
She told the truth.
This time it’s a lot harder to hit.
On the seventieth blow, I lose consciousness.
Consciousness slowly returns from cotton wool with ammonia, which she always keeps ready at the time of execution.
– Well, oklemalas, then we continue, there are still thirty left, then a belt.
!!! I try to beg, with my moaning with shorts in my mouth and an insane, imploring look, but all is useless, she is adamant.
I take the last blows again to the point of insensitivity.
After the hundredth of the rod, I roll onto the floor with a bag. Webcam arab sex.

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