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You know.
– he smiled sadly, – I never felt the need for money.
That’s why I am.
easily bought his own estate.
your own home.
Of course, I did not go back there.
I just found a good manager.
And soon the estate began to generate income.
Serge fell silent again, gripping Anna’s shoulders.
– And what? She asked eagerly.
– BUT? – as if he did not understand and immediately spoke again: – So, the income, of course, is small compared to that.
gave me only one flight of Zeus.
it was honest money.
– But, sir, having this income, you still continued to rob? – Anna looked at him indignantly, her eyes sparkled, and her cheeks glowed with anger.
– Yes, listen to me, madam! – winced Duval.
– All my share of the total income of “Zeus” I.
began to give to the poor.
Does it suit you? – he squeezed her hot face in his palms and looked into his eyes.
– But all the same.
you returned the estate to.
dishonest money! – Anna blurted out.
– Thousand of cuttlefish! – He exclaimed and, shaking her by the shoulders, added: – What should I do with this stubborn girl ?! She wants to make me a saint! His eyes sparkled with steel, and with an evil grin, he declared: “Madame, I am a pirate!” And do not make me a noble knight! I am that I am.
Don’t try to remake me! Notice, I didn’t drag you to my networks by force, you yourself wanted to be my wife! And if now you decide that.
wrong, hold you I will not! You are free to leave me! As soon as he stopped his tirade, as Anna rushed away.
– Oh, three hundred sharks in my throat! – He came to himself.
– What have I done?! Watch sex english movies online.

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