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“And now let’s work on your back,” I said ominously, “there is more space on it, there is, where to roam, and I still have forty-four strokes left.”
– Give me a little rest, – Larissa prayed plaintively.
– It will cost extra punches, honey.
“I can’t take it anymore,” she whimpered.
– Then why all this controversy? Carefully trying it on, I struck Larissa a well-adjusted blow.
A whip whistling down on her waist, just above the barely noticeable dimples above her buttocks.
The wife screamed.
I did not experiment any more.
My dick stuck out like a stake, tearing up his pants, and I entered into the usual rhythm, striking one beat per second.
On the sixteenth, Larisa was already screaming in a loud voice, on the twenty-eighth drops of blood appeared on her lovely back.
At thirty-five I made a heroic decision to pardon her.
Unfastening the straps, I threw Larissa, who was moaning, on the bed that had been disassembled.
Taking out a pair of handcuffs from the bedside table, I quickly chained her hands to the grate at the head of the bed and in the blink of an eye I threw off all my clothes.
For a long time I have not experienced such excitement! My count burst into her warm and wet cave and I almost immediately exploded, howling from the sharpest pleasure.
The eruption lasted a very long time: squeezing her thighs tightly and almost tearing off her lovely ripped ass from the sheets, I poured and poured new streams of sperm into it, until I was completely exhausted and did not stick to her warm, weakly trembling breasts.
So we lay for a long time.
Larisa moved under me and her plump lips touched my ear.
– Did you like it, dear? – Yes, – I replied, – I would not mind again to fuck you.
She smiled.
“Only not, okay?” Unfastening the handcuffs, I sent her into the bath, and he changed the sheet, on which blood stains were clearly seen, and carefully wiped the last baptism on the rack with a damp cloth, then removed the handcuffs and the whip and, having prepared vaginal cream and a coil of rope, lay down a blanket.

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The camera was already redirected to the bed, and I turned it on again to record.
Larisa sat in the bathroom for a long time, putting herself in order.
Stepping out completely naked, she walked, as if on a runway, down the corridor to the bedroom.
Stopping at the doorway, she rested her hands on the frame, allowing me to enjoy the curves and roundness of her immaculate figure.
“Today I’ll have to sleep on my stomach,” she said reproachfully.
“Fine,” I replied, and motioned her to me.
She walked over and pulled the blanket over herself, revealing my resurgent cock.
Playfully looking at me, she knelt down and took him in her warm hands.
– You will be gentle with me? she asked, putting her lips straight to the swollen head.
“If I like it,” I answered mercilessly and, pushing back the pillow, showed her the prepared cream and rope.
Larisa opened her mouth and gently wrapped the head of my dick with her lovely lips, then pushed her a little deep, where her nimble tongue took over.
Her hands lay on the base of the penis, one above the other, and gently pulled off the skin to completely release the head.
I closed my eyes to concentrate fully on my sensations, and my missus, moaning slightly from pleasure, continued now with accelerating and slowing circular movements to give me a lot of pleasure.
Then a new thought came to my mind, which I immediately said: “You cannot bring me to orgasm with a mouth, I will take you in the ass.”
It was unfair to Larissa: about twenty minutes ago I was abundantly discharged, and after one orgasm she had never managed to make me cum with her mouth.
But Larisa meekly accepted the rules of the game and even tried to accomplish the impossible.
Her lips increased the pressure, she literally sucked me, and the tongue rushed like a madman.

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Having thrust her long finger into my anus, she tried to stimulate him, which would bring success, had I not had time to finish it.
But my excitement intensified.
Started and Lorochka.
Finally, I gently pushed her aside and took my brilliant aggregate from her saliva from her mouth.
“Lie down on your stomach,” I told her, throwing the blanket to the floor.
She obeyed.
It was scary to look at her back: bright scarlet scars crossed her in all directions. Watch onlinesex videos.

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