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As we drove, we talked about school and all small things.
Romka was with me delicate and tactful, even too delicate and tactful.
I liked him, and I began to think about how to make him understand that I can allow him more than he now has.
There were several days before the New Year, and I almost did not leave the Romkina apartment.
He occasionally took me outside to show local sights, but, to my regret, he never even hugged me.
I walked around the house either in my mines, or in short dressing gowns.
Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed how he was staring at my feet, but he did absolutely nothing.
There was one bed in the apartment, and anyone else would have enjoyed it, but Romka laid himself on the floor.
I was almost completely desperate, but I decided at night to portray that I had a nightmare.
In the end, Romka calmed me, hugged me, and we went to bed.
And there was nothing else.
New Year’s Eve has come.
We met her together.
We listened to the President’s speech, drank some, ate and sat at the table, watching TV.
I decided to take the initiative.
I dropped the fork and crawled under the table.
Romka did not respond.
I crawled under the table to the place where he was sitting and began to unbutton his pants.
Romka was very surprised, tried to pull away, asking me what I was doing.
I smiled and said that this was my New Year’s gift to him.
I pulled his cock out of my pants.
It was not very big somewhere 15-16 cm in length and 3-4 in diameter.
Months of training with Vadik were not in vain, and I easily swallowed Romkin member.
Romka sat rooted to the spot, he was very tense.
However, as I continued to give him a blowjob, he began to relax a little and allowed himself groans of pleasure.
Romka did not last long, and soon my mouth filled with his sweet and sour sperm.
I have automatically swallowed it, noting at the same time its pleasant taste.

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I crawled out from under the table and sat on my knees Romke.
His dick was still sticking out of his pants, but we forgot about him for a while.
We started kissing.
Romka kissed better than I expected.
He began to stroke my back, and I decided it was time.
I dragged him to the bed.
I threw him on the bed, lowered his panties, lifted her skirt and straightened Romkin member.
I slowly began to move, adjusting to the size of the member that walked in me.
Romka first tensed again, but then relaxed.
After some time, he, hugging me behind the ass, rolled over, and I was under him.
He began to move very gently in me and a pleasant languor spread throughout my body.
The excitement that I felt now was very different from what I experienced under Pashka or Vadik.
After some time, Romka, prudently pulling a member out of me, finished me in the pubis.
I said that I was not all yet, and then he did what I had never expected.
He leaned over and started licking my girl! I made kuni for the first time in my life, and I really liked it.
I never thought that I would learn something new about sex from Romka.
At this time, he eagerly licked my pussy.
His tongue seemed to be everywhere.
He then ruffled my clit, then plunged into the depths of my pussy.
I pressed his head to my vagina and moaned shamelessly.
Soon I rapidly finished off from the Romkins.
We lay, hugging, and kissing.
He offered me to be his girlfriend, and I thoughtlessly agreed.
I forgot about the starving Vadik waiting for me in my hometown.
The next day, we did not get out of bed with Romka.
Contrary to my expectations, he turned out to be a good lover.
And then I had to go home.
I kissed him on the platform and promised to write and come to him for the holidays.
Then the train started, taking me away from my beloved.
The iron beast drove me back to my hometown, where my parents and Vadik were already waiting for me.
Our men’s hostel was planning a party of whores and pimps.
I have already told my neighbor Rick that I plan to dress up for a party like a whore.
A few weeks before the party, younger sister Rick and I quickly became friends.
She spent three days and two nights teaching me to dress and paint like a woman, and also helped me get things I needed to wear.
We did training walks around the city

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at night, and everything led to the fact that I masturbated some stranger in his car.
Before Anna left, I confessed to her that I was dreaming to seduce her brother.
Anna endorsed this idea, saying, “You need to arrange this at a party of whores and pimps.
“The day before the party, Anna called and said that she and her boyfriend, Phil, are in the city and plan to stay for a while so as not to miss the party. Shoplifter sex online.

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