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Now on bed rest.
“Uh, what do you think,” I hesitantly pointed in the direction of the door, “won’t we interfere?” -He is already asleep in principle, and our sound insulation is good.
– it was obvious that he was not completely sure of this, but he had no desire to turn off the road.
Valery poured more champagne into his glass and his wife’s glass.
His eyes glowed, and he blinked often, which showed his excitement.
Lena sat with her eyes lowered, leaning back in the leather armchair, her legs crossed, and she slowly drank in small sips, slightly rosy.
I felt odd, completely unaware of what to do or say.
I had a desire to stop everything, to apologize or give this bespectacled face, to pick up my wife and go home to the children, and spit on propriety and thin sound-transparent walls to make love to her.
From the thought that this elegant woman is my wife, and I have sex with her, my dick began to move, which made me angry.
I asked the owner for permission and went out to smoke, which I hadn’t done for four years, on the balcony, trying not to think about the people in the room.
Will I allow this bloke to master her in a few minutes? Will he undress kissing her, and then climb on her and puff, twitching and yelping? I threw away a cigarette and hurried back to the room.

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There was no one.
Only stood our three glasses, one empty with traces of lipstick on the edge.
Blood rushed to my head, and I opened the bedroom door.
On the bed on the back lay Lena.
As apparently sat on the edge, and then lay back on her back, her legs touched the floor and were shifted.
Nearby was reclining, hanging over her, the landlord, who had thrown off her robe and remained in his pajamas.
His hand stroked his wife’s dress, feeling for his hips, legs, stomach.
What he felt, apparently excited him to an extreme degree, because with his other hand he pressed, buried

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his hand in his hair, the head of my wife and put his lips into hers.
She moaned and made a movement with her palms, as if she wanted to push him away, but the gesture stopped halfway.
Her legs made an instinctive movement slightly upward, squeezing, and fell off, when his palm lay on the fabric below the abdomen.
– it seemed to me that I said this in a whisper, but Lena suddenly sobbed, pushed Valeria away, jumped out of bed and ran out from the room to the hall.
I saw how she froze, leaning on the table, then she took an unfinished champagne glass and abruptly drank it in one gulp.
I looked at the landlord, he sat on the bed and looked at me, not looking up.
Then he got up in silence, took off his glasses and pushed me out after him.
He went to Lena, who was still facing the table, and gently laid his hand on her shoulder, ran it over him, and stroked his neck. Sex private free.

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