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– Elena became like a teacher who taught lessons to a thoughtless student.
“You have four limbs now, do you understand?” Reliance must be carried out entirely on all of them.
Full balancing, slave.
I hurt, I looked at her, because I wanted to drink, the milk was so close to me, and the lady started these classes.
But Elena was relentless.
– Hands slightly to the side and bend in elbows! So.
lean on them too, and not just on your feet.
Fingers on the palms straighten.
– Mrs., watched as a slave strictly follows all her instructions.
– Come up a little ahead, yes, like this.
Now legs.
when standing, when you are not moving and just standing still, they should be slightly apart.
your cock should hang, you are my boy, male.
– Elena smiled.
– I should be proud of my farm there.

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Yes, that’s right.
Memorize everything well, you know that I do not like to repeat twice and return to the past.
Do not forget your hands! You’re wrong again.
even support on all four limbs! I told you! Here it is.
Now I see that you are standing on all fours.
you can not push the legs so wide, just slide them.
Now the body.
when you just stand, your ass should be a little up and bulge, I like it that way, you know? – Elena laughed when I tried to try it myself.
– No stupid, not so !!! Wow, I was not at all funny, I was sadly looking at a glass with milk, feeling how my face was burning with shame.
– Do you think that if you move the body back and squeeze your knees a little harder, then it will turn out? – She continued to teach me.
– Return to the previous position, as I taught.

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Here it is necessary to use your shoulders and lower back more, and not how you thought! There is more need for female plastic, but I think you can.
– Once again she humiliated me.
– Bend back, slave.
see how your ass itself bulges from it.
well done slave – Helena for a moment ran the thought – and not whether to fuck him, but thinking that she didn’t really want to mess with it, she abandoned this thought, especially the new game and what she had in mind, pleased her no less.
– Now bend both shoulders back.
so like this.
you cannot see it, but you must feel, your butt and shoulders should be on the same level, and the back should be arched down.
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