Sex live performance.

Sex live performance.
He got drunk on the road, and the car was driven by Sveta.
“Now we are going to my bathhouse, then we will have tea with my mom, and right away to you,” added Christina.
We waited for the girls with impatience, and after two long hours did wait.
And we found out about their arrival quite unexpectedly for ourselves – I went into the kitchen, and I saw out through the window that the girls were standing by the porch, Sveta was smoking, and Christina was standing close to her.
The light in the kitchen was turned off, and the girls were right under the lantern.
It was already dark outside, so I saw them, and they did not.
The first thing that caught my eye was the fucking look of Sveta.
She was wearing a Kristinkina tennis short skirt, and her legs were in net stockings! She was also wearing a white short top, exposing her sexy tummy.
I greedily ate her eyes, stroking my little dick through my jeans.
And then I noticed that from time to time Sveta throws her head, and rolls her eyes, and under the skirt, in the area of ??her asshole, something is actively moving.
Looking closely, I realized that it was Christina’s hand! She fumbled under Sveta under her skirt! Yes, that there was fussing – judging by the fact that Sveta was visually in a pre-orgasmic state, she jerked off to her there! Barely moving away from the shock, I called the guys: “Guys, quickly here! Sanya and Dimon went to the window.”
– What is there ?! Oh, dick not yourself !!! – practically, Dimon shouted.
– Fucking in your mouth! Sex live performance.

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