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Look at your sister, – Natasha turned to me.
– She was waiting for you.
Make her nice.
Fuck her ass.
I prepared everything for you.
Then I guessed to look at my feet.
I was wearing a strapon.
He was different from what I had seen before.
This one was aquamarine and relatively small in size.
It was attached to leather panties, which were very comfortable on me.
I tried to lift myself up, but my legs barely held me.
No, Natasha, I can not, I have no strength.
Come a little later.
Well, my little one.
I’ll prepare it now, and you will change me.
Sonia looked just like an angel.
She really wore such a wig and makeup.
Well done Natasha.
Sonia looked like a real girl, if not a member sticking out between her legs.
Sonechka threw up her legs at the top, opening access to her ass.
Her cock was very excited, he was lying on her skirt.
The testicles were constricted flagella.
Everything was shaved, without a single hair.
As if it was a little boy’s pussy.
I really enjoyed looking at Sonino’s wealth.
Natasha plentifully smeared her strap-on and began to slowly introduce Sonya’s ass.
With some kind of affection, I watched as the head of the strap-on was approaching the brown ring of the anus, as it slowly opened.
Inside slowly goes head, ass covers it.
Sonin’s member is even more excited and slightly trembling, increasing in size.
Finally, almost the entire member plunged into the ass, and Sonya moos from pleasure.
The member begins to move in the opposite direction, the straps of his attachment, dig into Natashkina, excited sexual lips and she already makes a moan of pleasure.

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I felt the warmth of the lower abdomen and a great desire to do it myself.
Fuck Sonechkin’s ass like a man.
Natasha looked at me inquiringly.
My cheeks were burning with the desire to give Sonya pleasure.
I blinked to my friend in agreement, and she immediately extended her hand to me so that I would rise from the sofa.
As soon as I stood next to her, she took out her strapon from Sonya’s ass with the words: “And now you try your sister.
Deliver our Sonya pleasure. ”
She squeezed out the gel on my strapon, and put it on Sonya’s ass.
The member entered almost effortlessly.
I almost felt this member with my whole body like my own.
As the head moves inward, pushing the grooved walls of the anus, as it rests to the end.
I saw how Sonin’s member responds, now, to my movements.
She spread her ass halves wider so that I, as closely as possible pressed against her.
I did not want to rush things.
Firstly, I had almost no strength, secondly, I saw that slower movements give Sonya more pleasure, and thirdly, I liked it so much more.
Natasha, who was retreating, returned and stood behind me again, watching us.
I felt Natasha’s hands lay on my waist, helping me move stronger.
Panties nicely pressed on my excited pussy.
I swayed more and more and in the end could not resist.
Having lost my balance, I leaned forward a little.
Natasha slightly held me with one hand on her hips, and the other, on the contrary, bent her shoulders forward.
I did not have time to straighten up, as in the ass to me, something rested.
I tried to straighten up, but Sonny’s hands kept me.
Please stand like that.
I feel so good with you.
– My sister said.
I guessed what Natashka was going to do, but at the same time I

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felt Sonin’s warm member pressed against my stomach, as he pulsed.
Natasha, you’re crazy! You tear me! – I screamed.
Do not worry, he is quite small.
I swear you.
It will be painful, I will stop everything, – my friend replied.
I relaxed a little and felt the gel chill with which the new strapon was covered.
Absolutely unnoticed strapon penetrated me deeper.
I just felt the walls of my anus moving apart and the slight chill from the gel stays on them.
Finally the strapon filled me up all over.
Natasha did not move, staying in me, and waited until I got used to the new sensations. Sex boom cams.

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