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Secret lives sex.
The door knocked and Alexey entered.
– You have not enough night.
– Smiling, he greeted me with a gesture.
– And you in youth both day and night, and with people and without them wanted.
I don’t remember what.
– Come on.
I’m a joke.
– Hi daddy! – Eugene, wrapped with a large towel, came out of the bath and approached Alexey tenderly kissed her cheek.
Then she went to the woman, and they pressed their cheeks.
– Good morning Elechka.
“Okay, guys, we are waiting for you at breakfast.”
Do not linger.
– Spouses left.
What was happening on the beach was what our girls wanted.
Women who looked at them enviously were indignant.
“Well, this young one, but the second one at her age is not worth wearing such a swimsuit.”
But in secret, they did not mind being in their place, by the fact that the entire male part of the beach and arrogantly and slyly watched our friends.
I even had jealousy, looking, as Zhenya and Eleanor are drawn before them as before the audience.
But, realizing that they need it, calmed down.
After sunbathing, swimming and having lunch, we went for a walk in the city. Secret lives sex.

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