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I felt it, felt its unhurried path heating from within.
“Georgian sperm and Armenian cognac inside me,” I thought.
And the heat spread throughout my body.
Kate continued to suck me and I was very close to orgasm.
“I see you liked the cocktail,” Tengiz tore off a glass from my mouth.
– Yes, I liked it, I really liked it, – my orgasm was getting closer and closer, I was already at the finish line.
– Do you know what this cocktail is called? Cocktail whores, huesoski I treat everyone to huesosok, – Tengiz laughed, and I convulsed in a convulsing powerful orgasm.
(The main character’s wife is fucking black! – ca.
) I was still in prostration, and Tengiz poured brandy in his glasses and in a commanding tone said: “Katya, do not swallow his sperm or spit it out.”
Go to Dima and kiss him.
My wife obediently turned away from my penis, turned over to face me, bent to my lips, opened her mouth and from it directly into my mouth dripped my own sperm mixed with her saliva.
We merged in a hot kiss.
I wanted to kiss more and more, lying in the same position.
Bliss filled our bodies, did not want to move or speak, just lay and kiss.
– Ay, well done! You shouldn’t even cry bitterly, kissing so sweetly, – Tengiz brought us two glasses of brandy.

We sat down, took a glass and sipped brandy.
“For you,” Tengiz stood opposite us so that his cock hung at the level of our eyes.
– I love you both, you are such a beautiful couple, so cool fuck.

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I speak rudely to you not because I do not respect you, I respect you very much, but you respect each other and do not do it so that you do not offend each other.
So if I behave in the same way as Dima, then both of you will not be interested.
You want it to be interesting, otherwise why did you meet me? Together with our new acquaintance, I also tried to switch to a civilized style of communication: – I, of course, agree with the fact that we deliberately went on a sexual experiment to diversify our sex life, but, in my opinion, in some matters you go too far.
For example, with Katya: And suddenly my wife interrupted me unexpectedly: – But I think everything is fine, let everything go as it goes.
“Ay, how lucky you are with your wife, Dima,” Tengiz poured brandy into glasses.
– Look, what a good girl.
Beauty and clever.
Not many such marry.
I envy you: so passionate, she loves sex so much.
She cannot be hidden from men: she is a goddess, she should be admired, she should be loved by many men.
And you, Dima, have an important role – you are her husband, you must help her be a queen.
– Yes, am I really against? – And if you do not mind, then there are no problems.
I will help you, I liked you so much.
I tore your wife’s dress on purpose so that you could wait for me the next day, until I decide all issues with my work.
In exchange for this dress, I will buy a hundred dresses for your wife: the sexiest, most beautiful.
To all envy you: what is your wife! – I myself can buy her: – Ay, stop it.
Your problem is that you are too proud.
Proud is not where it should be.
We have such a game, we all do each other nicely.
Did you like to suck at me? Do not answer, I saw what I liked.
Liked that I fucked Katya? Liked, and she liked it.
And she is a good fellow, she does not hide it, because she is a strong person and is not afraid to be honest.
Relax and enjoy.
Do not argue with me, do as I say and you will be fine, Kate is well, everyone is well.

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Do you like, Katya, our game? – I already said that I like.
– Maybe you would like me to become more delicate, did not call you a whore? Rt bongacam 2 com.

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