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Suddenly there was a low bellow.
I let go of Valya.
– Jaws are tired! She whispered.
– Give me a rest! – There are no smoke breaks in hell! If you can’t suck, lick it! – I whispered evil, dissatisfied with the termination of caresses.
– Bastard! – and my tongue Vali fluttered around the head of the penis, sometimes sinking deeply into the urethra.
Valya licked the whole trunk from the base to the head, played a little tongue with the balls, and then seized the penis again with her mouth.
And again I was in heaven.
Pleasing my stone riser, Valya quickly put me in a pre-orgasmic state.
Feeling that I will soon finish, I forcefully pressed the girl’s head into my pubis, and the member slipped into her throat.
Valya choked, and the throat that cut in spasms “finished off” me.
I had done a lot of cumming in Vale’s throat, for some time I shook the head of the gasping girl over the trunk, and only then I let go.
Valya straightened loudly and coughed loudly, attracting the attention of the entire audience.
I revealingly patted her on the back, and when everyone turned away, she whispered to her: “Pull out the rest of the member, I do not want to dirty my underwear.”
Valya obeyed.
Diligently sucking in the remaining drops of sperm, she gave me some special sensations.
Unexpectedly, I stroked Valya on the head, and when she lifted her head, with a passionate kiss, she stuck her lips.
– What are you doing? – Valya burst out, staring at me with evil eyes.
– Got what you wanted? Leave me alone! – Oh, no, I have not received everything that I wanted! Tomorrow at eight in the evening you will come to 54 room.

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And try to look attractive, I have big plans for you.
– Bastard.
– Valya turned away, grabbed the handle and began to pretend that she was listening to the teacher.
“Why the bastard?” I embody the dream of many guys.
The girl who gives when you want, does not fuck brains, does not require gifts and so on.
Its cool.
Valya did not answer.
I do not know what was going on in her head, but she was hardly glad to become such a “perfect girl”.
However, I do not care.
It is my fault, it was necessary to think where to go.
Chapter 3
Breaking bad – Basil, hello! Do not forget about me yet? – No, Tolia, remember.
Yes, and your number I recorded.
What do you have? – Immediately to the point? I like it.
In general, do you remember how I helped you set up a local network? Now it’s my turn to ask for help.
– And what do you need? “You’re still working in this security company, right?” I need to borrow three or four hidden cameras from you.
With the return, of course.
I’m just for a couple of days.
– Hmm.
well, I think no one will notice if I take them.
Why do you need this? – Yes, so, I want to remove the film.
Nothing interesting.
“Okay, call in at eight at my place of work today.”
Everything worked perfectly, and it made me very happy.
Whatever you say, and the quality of the image from the webcam (if it is not worth a fortune, of course) leaves much to be desired, and such recording is not enough for blackmail.
Well, that my Valyusha is not yet occurred.
In pleasant preparations I spent the rest of the day, and I went to bed in such a good mood, in which I was rarely.
On each of them, I

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sat next to Valia, and from time to time she looked at me with apprehension.
Probably afraid that I again want to fuck her in the throat.
No, Valya, I have other plans.
Sperm today is still useful to me.
In high spirits, I left the institute, simultaneously typing sms: “Today I will fuck you in all holes, so before you come make an enema :)”.
The message went to Vale, and I turned off the phone with a clear conscience.
Rooms in the hostel at the university are cheap, just a thousand with a penny for a place.
Last year we agreed with Eugene that each of us would redeem one more place in the room, so instead of four that were laid in the room, we were the only ones living. Real orgasm cam.

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